Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday Night!

Lisa & Crew at Dinner on Saturday Night
Photo Courtesy of Cathy Cramer

Blog Post from Colleen

I had a chance to speak with Lisa this evening and she sounds just great! Denise has finished Lisa’s feet and her crew has done an amazing job pulling together the many logistics. In fact, I understand all the gear was ready to go by 4:00 this afternoon so they all got to relax and hang out at the pool for a little while.

Lisa and crew put pen to paper and recorded some of their thoughts of anticipation and readiness about what lies ahead.

Read on for the first-hand accounts:


From the Crew Chief: Marie Boyd
This is HUGE!!!
We have such a gracious runner, and a wonderful crew. Gradually, we are getting acquainted, and I am so happy to have this committed and caring group with whom to work.
Lisa's feet are taped - Denise Jones has shown me all of her professional tricks, and those feet look just greatly protected and ready to carry Lisa close to 300 miles!

From Laurie Andrews…
Death Valley Dreamin': Being in the Valley is full of extremes - beautiful and striking, hot and dry, bright and glaring. Feeling so fortunate to be part of this adventure and the full force of this undertaking is hitting me in waves. Lisa is in a good space and has the grace of a champion. The crew is bonding as we organize, plan and anticipate the journey ahead. Know we will be carrying you close - our friends, family, running companions - as we travel many miles.

From Leigh Corbin…
They say that there is a beauty to the desert and I think of a desert flower in full bloom. Lisa has arrived to Death Valley as a flower in full bloom. She is so calm and ready to rock and roll. As her crew, we worry about keeping up and have no doubts about her ability to ahieve her goals. I am so excited to be on a crew of this caliber and I am already learning so much. Man, its hot down here!!!

Hi Dana...miss you!

From George Velasco…
Lisa looks so buff!! She is going to rock this course!! I'm proud to be with this lady and the crew - WOW! - its a good-looking, qualified crew!!!

From Mike Ehredt…
The expected is sometimes unexpected. hat I thought or expected Death Valley to be is not what it turned out to be. Mountains and a long life line of asphalt, dunes in the distance and beauty in it all versus my vision of flat desert and sagebrush. The knowledge and experience of my crew mates astounds me and the fire in Lisa's eyes inspires me...


And finally, from Lisa…
Give my Jay, Bella and Gabby a big kiss for me. Thank you to Barbara (Jay's mother) for her support helping with our kids. I am blessed - I feel so good. God is on our side. Lauren, thank you for being my inspiration. Dad, I pray for you to feel better. I run with a purpose. I run for all of you...God willing, we will have success!


cathy said...

As Marie said, Lisa IS gracious...and humble and ready to go. The crew rocks! A great group of experienced, kind (and very fit) people.

Bob Gentile said...

GO Lisa GO, Very Excited for you...prayers are being sent to U and ur crew from Sunny FL!!