Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rough Night

Hi Everyone,

I just spoke with Leigh Corbin, one of Lisa’s crew members.

Leigh said that they are about 28 miles from the official Badwater race finish and that Lisa is being a trooper. Leigh said that for about the last 14 hours (since midnight), Lisa has been really battling nausea. I could hear George in the background saying, “Tell Colleen it is just like last year.” At which point, my heart sank a little…

Because last year was so tough. Lisa kept forging on, but there was serious concern about her finishing the race, let alone the Double. She pulled through and forever won rights to the term COMEBACK KID in my book, but how many times can you pull out of those lows and rebound with the highs?

The crew is really optimistic and figure Lisa is about due to turn the corner. I have the privilege of knowing 5 of the 6 crew members – everyone with the exception of Scott Morgan. Leigh tells me that Scott is such a strong member of the crew. Leigh said he is soft spoken, but he’s the one who can say to Lisa that its time to go and she moves on.

Leigh said that all the crew members are taking turns pacing Lisa and that Lisa really listens to each of them. One of the challenges of doing the Badwater Double is keeping your eye on the prize. It’s very easy to want to go for a great finishing time at the official race, but Lisa has committed to running 292 miles, not 135 miles. Managing her energy is no small task and recognizing the challenge of Mt Whitney and the return trip can be pretty daunting.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to speak with Leigh later tonight and I will post another Blog entry tonight.

Onwards, Lisa, onwards…


olga said...

C'mon, Lisa, you know you can do it, that's what you tell all of us!!!

Hart said...

you know you have it in you lisa..! the nuun crew is pulling for you! you inspire us!