Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Staked Out for Now…

Leigh just called me to let us know that Lisa is staked out. So what does that mean?

Well, here’s the official description from the Badwater Race rules:

If a racer needs to leave the course, his/her crew must note the exact location with a numbered stake in the ground. This numbered stake must be visible from the road in both directions. The racer must then resume the race from the same place that he/she left it. The numbered stakes will be provided to all runners at Runner Check-In. Racers may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention. Focus must be kept on the speedy completion of the course.

Leigh said Lisa is really okay with the decision…knowing that this provides her with an opportunity to re-fuel (here nausea/stomach issues haven’t allowed her to get in as many calories as she needs), take a shower and get in a small nap. Leigh also told me that Marie is going to work on Lisa’s feet. Marie is a registered nurse and received specific instructions from Denise Jones about how to do this, so Lisa is in good hands.

According to Leigh, Lisa is in 5th position among the women. The website currently has her in fourth position, so I am thinking that Lisa Bliss must have advanced ahead of Lisa since the last checkpoint. Leigh said that Lisa Bliss is going very strong…something which I know Lisa (Smith-Batchen) would be very proud to see. LSB is coaching Dr. Bliss and has also been the recipient of Dr. Bliss’ generosity, when Dr Bliss served as a race volunteer on the course in previous years. Go Lisa!

Lisa holds a very good chance of finishing within 48 hours (tomorrow morning at 10am Pacific Time). This will earn her the coveted Badwater medal.

Lisa is down, but not out…and owing to witnessing last year’s Badwater Double, all I can think is, “Wow, Lisa has only just begun”. Strange sentiment thinking our friend has already covered the distance of more than 4 traditional marathons in temperatures of 110 degree plus heat and heavy humidity!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there coach. We are both battling something today but mine no-where compares to your fight. Be strong and you will get back at it!
Thoughts are w/ ya!!

olga said...

Lisa is TOUGH, and she has such HUGE goal in kind and heart, she WILL be back!!!
On the other hand, Lisa Bliss moved to second 2 min behind Jamie at Lone Pine, mile 122! I KNOW she can run up that freakin' road to Portal for 13 miles!

Anonymous said...

OLGA - I just saw Lisa Bliss' progress. Nothing short of amazing! WOW!

Aran Gordon said...

You continue to be our guiding light of strength and determination and while you do that you demonstrate to many of us not participating that our own goals are achieveable and within reach...we simply follow the plan that you have given us so we continue to thank you for that send our wishes to ride along with you, once again, complete this unbelieveable feat. You are the best and someone I am so glad to have had the chance to get to know and learn from. THANK YOU!!! We are with you in spirit!!!