Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Ascent of Mt Whitney Is Next...

Lisa is ready and so excited to be starting the next part of her journey...the ascent of Mt Whitney. Leigh called me about 90 minutes ago to say that Lisa was ready to go, but it looks like Mother Nature had other plans.

Leigh reports that there is a really mean cloud that is resting above the mountain. So the decision is to wait in Lone Pine and start the ascent a little later today.

So what will this climb be like? Here is a link to a short video that takes you up the trail to the summit {it runs about 9 minutes}. For those of you who have never done the mountain, it will really give you a feel for what it's like (or so I have been told - I haven't done it myself!).

And just a very sincere ote of thanks to those helping with very generous donations to the MPD Foundation. Here are is a link to start to introduce you to the faces of MPD:


Jason Pawelsky said...

Congratulations Lisa on your Badwater 135 "photo" finish. Now for the rest of the journey!! We've been thinking of you and wish you the very best.

Take care of yourself out there and let your crew and everyone cheering help you achieve your goal.

olga said...

Best to all of you guys on the way to Whitney and back!

Christopher said...

Lisa, you're unstoppable!!! Keep after 'em kid, now that you're all warmed up you get to turn on the jets! Up, down, then back across the road, no prob!