Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'V' is for VICTORY!

Just got a call form Leigh to let us know that Lisa finished the official Badwater race - 135 miles of it! Lisa finished around 4am (Pacific) and placed as the 8th (oops - LSB was 8th! --cw) female finisher. And she'll have a shiny new buckle to add to her collection.

Leigh said one of the highlights of the finish is how close Lisa finished to Marshall Ulrich. Lisa and Marshall have been friends for so long and share so many Badwater memories. In fact, it was Marshall how convinced Lisa to run this race her very first time!

Leigh said Lisa & crew will take a little rest in Lone Pine before they return to the Whitney Portals and start the ascent of Mt Whitney.

Thinking about thte Badwater Double as three distinct parts - the official race, the Mt Whitney sections, and the return 135 miles...Lisa has one-third down, two-thirds to go!

Let the games begin...

(Thanks so much to Leigh for calling in all these reports. I notice her voice gets a little softer with each call as exhaustion sets in, but her grace and sweetness never fade. She's so great!)

ps - Thought I'd have a little fun comparing photos of Lisa through Lone Pine in 2006 versus 2007. She finished faster this year - coming through Lone Pine during the night and needing reflective gear. Notice one thing that is the same year over year? Go George Velasco - you are the man!

Lisa Bliss (inc Dreamchaser crew: Dave Heckman)

Tom Triumph (inc Dreamchaser crew: Ed Mafoud & Tom’s wife the Peach)

Nattu Natraj (inc Dreamchaser crew: Dale Perry & Bob Becker)

Greg Pressler (Lisa and Jay’s dear friend)


yipwt said...

one badwater is bad enough.

Double take?...i am dumbfounded.

But thanks for the inspiration.

olga said...

Congrats, Lisa, on your first part done!!! So happy you came back! Now you know what to do - so go out and do it:) Big hug and kiss to Lisa and crew!

Anonymous said...

thank God Lisa has finished the first part of the race.

I pray the nausea is finished for now...she still has a long way to go...please give her my best...

prayers for all...
God bless you.

Aran said...

Congratulation's on this incredible milestone Lisa! You are an incredible inspiration and the pictures look fantastic! Keep up what you know and teach best! I'll be thinking of you as I make my way through my "pre-school equivalent-run today!!! Aran

Anonymous said...

Yay Lisa!!

We're thinking of you here in the Tetons while enjoying our first rain! You are doing it! You are an amazing and unstoppable woman. With an amazing crew as well. Good job all!

Love to you-
sharon and sammy schmidt

Bob Gentile said...

CONGRATS Coach, Way to fight through the issues... and close it strong & so cool you got to finish close by to Marshall... Get some rest and continuous prayers & love sending ur way as u complete the Double!!

cathy said...

Must be my age. I always think of that as a "peace" sign. : )

owainsoldestsisterinlaw said...

Lisa and Support Team: It is
breathtaking, thrilling and inspirational to follow your collaborative, incredible journey.

Team Windmullers and MPD Foundation shout: Brava!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lisa for sticking to it. You're doing great!!!