Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Mt Whitney

Lisa and crew spent most of Wednesday in Lone Pine waiting for the weather to clear to allow a safe attempt at a Whitney summit. Lisa, accompanied by crew members, Laurie, Mike and Scott, all experienced mountain climbers, started their ascent about 8pm local time. There was a beautiful sunset as they left and they expect good weather for their trip up and down Mt. Whitney. They anticipate returning to the trailhead about 10am Thursday. They'll regroup in Lone Pine. Then George, Leigh and Marie will crew Lisa as she starts the journey back to Badwater, while the three mountain climbers take a well-deserved rest.

Badwater veteran Monica Scholz visits Lisa and crew on Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Good luck Lisa! We'll be following along and thinking of you as you return to the start of Badwater!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo!! 8)
Good luck from me too!! Absolutely incredible. Stay strong and be safe. My prayers are w/ y'all.