Thursday, December 21, 2006


Thanks to you all for you for others!

Wanda is on the mend, it will take time. She is one amazing woman. Below are updates on Danelle. The climbers Chris and Charlie are still missing.

Have a safe wonderful day.

The following information about Danelle was distributed today on the Denver Trail Runners list. The Rocky Mountain News article by Brian Metzler is the most informative. The Aspen article mentions a fund for her medical expenses. Todd Holmes, a very good CO ultrarunner who was involved with Danelle’s rescue and who wrote the first account of Danelle’s accident wrote me in an email this morning, “Danelle said she has some kind of insurance, but it isn't very good.” (The Denver Post article adheres to the usual Post standard of sub-lame.)

Danelle Ballengee was seriously injured, and had an amazing rescuelast week.Danelle slipped on ice, fell 60', breaking her pelvis, while runningthe Amasa Back trail, in Moab, She was rescued two days later, whenher dog (and running companion) led the rescuers to her. There arenumerous stories on the web including:,1299,DRMN_15_5223711,00.html

Danelle is a multi-sport endurance athlete. She is one of the top adventure racers in the world; has won the Pikes Peak multiple times;over 100 snowshoe races; Mt Taylor Quadrathlon 10 times; on and offroad summer and winter triathlons, former mountain runner of the year,and much more. She has put on races (I'm Crazy Events) that many of you have, including the Swift Skedaddle snowshoe races, and Mt Evans Ascent run. She is vice-President of the All American Trail RunningAssociation, and is on the board of the United States Snowshoe Association. She grew up in Evergreen, and now splits her time between Dillon and Moab.

If you'd like to send a card, the address is:

Danelle Ballengee
c/o SICU Pavilion A
Denver Health Medical Center
777 Bannock St
Denver CO 80204

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