Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Missing Climbers

Good morning!

More prayers are needed, they are working..people are being healed:)

Below is an email sent to me from a very good friend.. The power of prayer and the power of acts of kindness if growing and growing even through my blog. I feel more blessings with each passing day just from so many of you that have been and are willing to step out and do something. God Bless you all.

Each request is sent on to Sister Marybeth and trust me the request goes straight to the top and people all over the World come together in prayer. This is what Sister Marybeth had to say to me this morning:

*Take time to be holy, Speak often with the Lord, Abide in him always, and feed on his Word. Make friends of God's children, Help those who are weak and in need, Forgetting in nothing, His Blessing to seek.

If any of you have a prayer request you just email it to me and I will see that she gets it!


My good friend Chris is missing in China with her partner Charlie Fowler. I know you have an extensive list of clients and thought perhaps you could circulate this link for donations. I have made myself available to head over and join in search.

Thanks in advance.


**Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Guess what? I am working out again:) Only on the spin bike, rowing machine and versa feels good.
No running until next week to test out my IT band. Packing is training right?

Have a wonderful day and thanks to each of you for what you do for others!


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