Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In your next workout: Pray!

Below are 2 articles about 2 of the best endurance athletes in our sports. The first article is about Marc who passed away on Dec. 10th while running a marathon in Arizona. The second article is about Danelle who suffered a bad fall while running. Prayers do work. I ask that we all do our next workout in memory of Marc and pray for him, his family and friends during this time and also send Danelle healing energy.

Life is so precious.

Thank you,


Subject: [BoulderTrailRunners] Danelle Ballengee...

In case you haven't heard, Danelle was seriously injured in a fall
while running on the Amasa Back trail in Moab this past week. She
apparently fell about 60 feet, breaking her pelvis, amoung other
things, in several places. Unable to move, she lay there for 2 days
before anyone noticed she was gone. Her dog, who was running with
her, ran 5 or 6 miles to the road and waited for help. When her
neighbor noticed she hadn't been seen for a few day, they called
Search and Rescue. SAR found the dog, who then led them to Danelle.
(Amazing!) Besides the pelvis, she was suffering from severe
frostbite of the toes.

I spoke breifly with her mother this afternoon while on her way to
the hospital. She said her toes are slowly getting a little better
and they may be ok, but she is due for surgery on her broken pelvis
(broken in at least 5 places) today at the Denver Health Trauma
Center (the old Denver General hospital). Her mother said she will
have a very long road to recovery, but, thanks to her dog, she is
still alive!

Sorry, I don't have a room number, and don't know any more details
that that. Let's all keep her in our thoughts and wish her a speedy
recovery, and especially be grateful she is still with us!


Bob Gentile said...

Yes my prayers will be for Marc's family and Danelle's recovery with my workout today... That was amazing how the dog led them to her rescue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my prayers are w/ Marc and for Danelle's recovery and thankful that she will be w/ us for a long time. Scary accident. She is very lucky. A co-worker of mine was hiking a couple of months ago (in Portugal) and broke her leg on a mountain. She was found dead a couple of days later from exposure.
I make it a habit of telling someone where I will be on my long runs just to make sure that I will be safe if something seriously wrong happens.

Anonymous said...

Please send updates when you get them.

Robb Reece said...


Please let Danelle know we're thinking about her and we're sending all positve energy her way. Knowing Danelle, she'll be back up soon and flying better than ever!

I have her email, but she probably won't be reading her messages anytime soon. Thank you for getting this message to her and her family.

Robb and Christi Reece, Cody Reece
Grand Junction