Sunday, August 13, 2006

great success!

Hi all!
Below is an email from one of my coaching clients who is training for Vermont 50 mile!
It is such a great testimonial not only to his training but in so many ways! This is what it is all about..feeling good and happy about what your doing, the products you use and how you spend your time! Its 12:30 on Sunday and I am still in my PJs!!!!:):)
**I always love to share my successful runs with you before the normal Wednesday report, just to show you how worth-while it is to have you as a coach !
So, I set out for a 5-6 hour run.  I ran on manicured trails at Rockefeller State Park.  Some of the hills are quite steep, and I ran it as you instructed (however, I pretty much ran the flats, except to eat) : think race and stay at the pace you want to run in the 50. calories 250, 300 each hour. PW the ups, run the downs and run and walk the flats as the course dictates you.
I stayed out a little later than I wanted Friday night….played poker with a bunch of friends and actually did quite well.  So, this run was on about 4 hours or so of sleep…. Wasn't expecting much.
For fuelinig, I had my 100 oz Camelbak filled with a mixture of Heed and Carbo-Pro (which got me 212 calories per 20oz), and ate Jelly Bellies (100 calories per pack) every hour.  I also took 2 Endurolytes every 40 minutes.  I wore LifeWave patches on the shoulder points.
Ok, so…I was moving quite well in the early stages, with mile splits typically under 10:00, with one or two at around 8:44 (I saw some other trail runners and just felt like I had to reel them in and pass them).  I was also running with a friend of mine (only for 2:30:00 as he wanted to get in 15 miles only) who is a very good runner trying to get into triathlons.  We challenge each other well.  I then set a goal for the 26.2 mile mark, that is, to be under 10:00…and bingo, I hit the marathon mark at 4:12:56….AMAZING….a training run with a marathon time that was not only faster then 3 of the 6 marathons that I have completed, but faster than the last 3 I ran (4:45, 4:58, and 4:18).  Now I started to think, lets hit 30 miles in under 10:00 per mile pace…I felt myself starting to tire a bit, but pushed hard and eded up running 30.85 miles in 5:05:00.  I thought about going for 6 hours, but I felt my pace slowing and decided to hit the brakes.
What is truly amazing about this training run and the 30.85 miles in 5:05 is this …. I figure that I would have hit the 50k mark within the next minute or two…so, let's say 50k at 5:08:00 (a sub-10:00 pace)….this time is almost 40 minutes faster than the best of the 3 50ks I have run (5:46, 5:49, and 6:59 - the 6:59 being on technical trails, with the first 2 on roads).  This is a  true testament to what your training has done for me. 

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