Monday, August 14, 2006

support our Finlay!!


Friends and Family:
I wanted to thank all of you again for your support last season during my training and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This season is shaping up to be one of the busiest seasons for me with Team In Training.  Several months back I was asked to support the Mentor Program for the North Texas area and for months I struggled with the thought.  After several conversations with many people I have decide to commit my time and energy to support this program.  I am telling you this because I am confident that without your support I would not have been asked to serve in this position.  So, I thank all of you again for making our program a success.
Our season officially begins September 1, 2006 and runs through February 15, 2007.  The race is that following weekend where Todd and I will be in Austin again to run the Freescale Marathon.  Todd will be qualifying for Boston and I will just try and keep up!  Maybe I can help carry his water or heed during the race.  This season I would like to raise $15,000.00 before race weekend.  I know that is a very high goal but I also know that it can be done.  We have done it before and I am confident that we can do it again.  This amount does not include corporate sponsorship, it is all you and I working together to make it happen.  You are the individuals that have put me into the 110% club, the Elite Member Club, which is the highest honor given by Team In Training so we will need to step up and continue that giving tradition.
I have put together the following raffles for this season and I hope that you will find one that interest you and will allow you to open your hearts and wallets and donate. 
Starting September 1st through September 15th:  III Forks Gift Certificate.  You all know that III Forks is the best steakhouse in Dallas and always treats our team with the best service.  They are cooperate sponsor so you will be treated like royalty.  $100.00 value.
September 16th through 30th is our Spa Package with Elizabeth Arden Day Spa.  It is a $250.00 value and you are able this year to order off the menu!  Last year I heard this would be better than having your packaged arranged before hand.  Sorry, am a guy did not know you ladies wanted to arrange your own package!!
October 1st through October 15th will be our Gaylord Retreat Package.  This will include dinner for two and one nights stay at the Resort along with breakfast the following morning.  This is a $500.00 value. 
October 16th through 31st is different this year.  I have decided to open up my own services and the winner will have their house cleaned by me.  Yes, I can clean and I am pretty good at it too!  You can pick your dates; before Thanksgiving, Christmas anytime you wish.  However, there will be some rules that I will expand on later.  There will be no French maid costumes or any costumes for that matter!!  Value: PRICELESS
November 1st through 30th will be our Limo for 6.  You can use this to view Christmas lights or any other occasion during the month of December.  There is a four hour limit to the use.  Anything over that is the responsibility of the winner.  I am not sure what the value is of this certificate.  I will handle the gratuity for the evening.
December 1st through December 15th is our Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse gift certificate.  They were generous last year and have agreed to offer one this year.  It is a $100.00 value. 
December 15th through December 31st is something new also.  I have discovered Huckleberry Jam and Syrup from Jackson Hole, WY.  It is the best thing I have ever had in my life.  Lisa actually got me on to this and I will put up a years supply to the winner.  So, if syrup and jams are something you enjoy this will be a great gift to win.  You will love it!!
These certificates are good for a full year and can be used at any location across the United States.  The only one that is not good for a year and cannot be used across the United States is me cleaning your house.  You have to use that pretty quick. 
As for the people who have donated already by check or website you will be entered into the first raffle for the III Forks drawing.  Please know that if you chose to donate now you will be entered into the drawing.  You do not have to wait until September 1st to enter.  Each raffle will be $5.00 same as last year.  Example: $10.00 gets you in twice, $20.00 get you in four times, etc.....
I hope you share this information with all your friends and let’s raise that $15,000.00 by race weekend.  Thanks again for your support and as always please let me know if you would like to be removed from my emails.
If you are mailing checks please make them out to the LLS and leave the memo line blank.
Finlay Woodruff
6840 Branch Trail
Frisco, Texas 75035

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