Thursday, June 01, 2006

SP 50mile

 Ok so you think I am crazy for running 50 miles less than a week from having a kidney stone?
It will be 6 full days of no training going into the 50 mile and as of this moment I feel back to normal!
The Doctor I saw here told me to take it very easy for 1 week, so hey 6 days is close to a week:)
My plan is to just participate in the race. My put your head down and fight race days are over.
This is good training for my Badwater journey and its close to home. John the RD of the race does such an amazing job with this event and the course is VERY difficult with steep climbs.
My plan is to PW all the climbs, even the ones on the roads, go 3/2 on the downhill sections and 4/1 any flats. This is my BW race plan so I want to practice it. I hope it gets really sunny and hot!
If all fails I will PW (power walk) the entire race!
I was feeling very fit and strong 4 days ago and feel confident that my having to take 6 days off is and always is a blessing in some way.
Have a great day!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen


Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
So passing kidney stones is just like tapering, but even more painful...

I'm sure it will be a great race. I wish I was there.

Have fun,

Anonymous said...


You say that your "putting your head down and fighting through it" days are over. Right, than explain your 1st place finish at Grasslands in March!! Plus, you left me to fend for myself out there all alone.