Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day weekend in the Tetons!

Below is one athletes weekend! When I spoke to my husband Jay on Monday he said, the snow is blowing so hard its going sideways!!! I was really happy to be in Chicago where it was over 90 degrees.:)

Hi Lisa,

I am a New Yorker – born and breed. I live in an apartment that is probably smaller than the size of most of your clients’ gear closets. I love it but there’s always room in life to experience more, right?

So it’s my great luck to be spending two months in the beautiful Teton Valley – a time period which includes Memorial Day weekend. In NY, this weekend typically means bar-b-ques and perhaps even visits to the beach. So I wasn’t sure what to expect in Teton Valley.

Hmmm…here’s what I got: sunshine, rain, snow, and h-a-i-l! And that was just Sunday! On Sunday, I sheltered myself from the elements until noon (okay, actually I slept in!) and then I headed out. I was about 25 minutes into my walk when the hail really started coming down. So I hitched back to the place where I am staying (another first for me – hitchhiking!). I waited another hour or two and my roommate invited me to join her and a friend for a trail run.

Yep, my very first trail run! The hail had disappeared and while the weather was still difficult to predict, it looked like it would hold up for us. I am so grateful it did. For my very first trail run, I found myself climbing up this beautiful hillside that reminded me of the Sound of Music. We even saw people riding horses. And then when we got a little further, I felt as though we entered an enchanted forest.

NY might be the city never sleeps, but I am growing convinced that the Teton Valley is the place that never stays the same. As Erik tells me, forget – go out and look at the sky!

I hope a lot of your friends can make it out here to see the beauty…if life continues to shine on me the way it has since my arrival, I would love to be back for the Teton Races over Labor Day weekend. Can you & Jay promise no hail, though!?!

All the best,


Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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