Monday, June 05, 2006

SP 50!!

 Hi guys and gals,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
SP 50 mile did not turn out the way I thought it would but I did learn and work through some very hard mental and physical things.
I got a great nights sleep on Friday which is rare with 2 little kids sleeping in the same room with us!
Up at 3am, had my coffee, ensure and started to drink water, the weather forecast was for over 90 degrees. I felt good and hydrated and ready to rock!
My friend George was going to run part of the race with me and then my sweet Jay was going to do the last half with me, he is training for Western States 100!
Colleen a friend of our was going to help watch the kids and the great news is she ended up doing close to 4 miles with me. Thank you to George and Colleen for helping with our girls so that I could get to the finish line!
I got right on my target race plan. 5am start. The first 23 miles I felt so great and all was going perfect with my walk run plan. Have to say my walking was faster than most people running near me:)
At 23 miles I met up with Jay and my stomach started to feel very sick and by 25 miles I could only walk. Many say that they felt sick as well and think we may have had some bad water at the last aid station.
Needless to say my stomach was so bad that running was not possible. I felt so bad for Jay being with me but did my very best to not complain and to just keep moving forward.
I kept trying to run but each time I did I felt worse. I thought about the BW double and that I had to work through this as much as getting in a car and going home seemed like the only thing I wanted to do. I took tums, drank malox and nothing worked.
I walked a good 25-30 miles of the course.
The long steep climb after aid station 8 was so hard for me but I did it and was so thankful once at the top. Tons of snow!! Thanks to Jay for helping me get to this point!
I got to the station and we had 11 miles left to go. I just made up my mind that I had to just get to the end and that my stomach was going to hurt if I tried to move faster or if I went slow. I got into a very good power walk down hill and really focused on this and not my stomach. It was working and I started to feel proud of myself for working through this stomach mess!
Last aid station and 3.5 miles left to go on the road..I made myself run it, I cried, threw up, went to the bathroom 4 times but I kept on running.
I saw my kids, Jay, George, Colleen and Olga as I came up the finish line. I was happy, I was proud that I toughed it out and learned how to was not easy:)
Olga did great, she ran a 11:50. I came in at 13:08 which I am very happy about.
I don't know if I won anything in the masters women or not but I did win the race. for I kept going when everything in me wanted to go home!
Its a great 50 mile race, hard one that is for sure.
Photos to come soon
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Anonymous said...

Way to hang tough, Lisa! Just goes to show you that a strong mental disposition can overcome physical discomfort.

Ed Kelly