Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Must read and must try!

 Hi friends, family and fellow athletes,
I'm not going to tell you one of my new training, race and recover secrets! Works for me so I know will work for you!

It has taken me some time to write up a short story about this awesome
product that both Jay and I used before the MDS, during the MDS and will
continue to use.
I was contacted by the company Lifewave a week before I went to run the
Grasslands 50 mile. I had heard about this company from a good friend of
mine who is a Chiropractor but I never followed through nor did I check them
When  I was contacted again I bought some of the products to try .  I felt
that I of course had nothing to lose but to test them out.
The LifeWave technology is a pair of non-transdermal patches that you wear
on the body just like a band aid and they help the body to increase energy
without drugs or chemicals. These patches increase the  burning of fat for
energy resulting in increased stamina, endurance and performance!
I am telling you about these patches now because I have had much time to
test them out and I am 100% convinced that these things work and have helped
me gain much of what I had lost in my training.
I wore them before, during and after the Grasslands 50 mile race. I felt
great the entire time and recovered better than ever. I used them each day
during the MDS, so did Jay and we were both having a great race and the most
amazing thing to   both of us was we were not sore at the end of each day
like we used to  be. I have continued to use the patches during my training
to run 300 miles in July through Death Valley and I am feeling stronger and
more fit as time goes by. The real key is the energy that I am feeling and
the way I'm recovering from one day to the next. I feel a stable level of
energy all day long.
Jay and I both used the sleep patch at night during the MDS. I have never
been able to sleep during this race with people snoring! We both slept so
well each night and woke up with no soreness and a full nights sleep.
The patches are small and you only wear 2 of them, one white and one tan.
The sleep patch is just one patch on the temple of your eye.
This company has other products that we have not tried out yet but we look
forward to them all.
I think all of you know me well enough to know that I would not tell you to
try something if I did not think they really would help you or work. I'm
telling you these patches work and I'm hooked.

I just ran the SP 50 mile race and had  2 patches on my
ankles. I noticed several others with patches on as well. Although my stomach was a mess during the last 25 miles of the race my legs did not get sore, nor did the feel beat up like they usually do. Needless to say, you will see me with these patches on all the time now!

I'm going to be doing a phone conference about these patches on Thursday
June 15th 7:30 in  number is  1-641-793-7500 then 741223#

Please visit the web site  if you want
information about Lifewave contact  Brett or  Bill or with any questions, these are the guys I bought the patches from.

Brett - 919-264-2822 or email:

Bill - 607-754-8117 or 607-624-1240 or email:

Happy training

Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Lisa, how can I speak to you more about this, very very interested ........ Patti