Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here in eastern Idaho, in breathtaking Teton Valley, we’re ready and anxious to welcome Lisa home. She’ll run in our neighboring Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Friday, June 18th with eagles soaring overhead leading the way and her human supporters lining the streets of Teton Village to cheer her on.

This will be a very emotional day for Lisa given her close ties to the Jackson community and the many close friends she and her husband Jay call their own in this iconic western town. However, nothing will compare to the Idaho welcome we’re throwing for Lisa, her running companion Sister Mary Beth and her on-road support crew, a team that’s been as critical for Lisa as her shear grit.

I wrote a blog on Lisa Smith-Batchen a few weeks ago...

Anyone who sets out to run 2,500 miles across America; 50 miles in 50 states in 62 days to be exact, kinda deserves a blog... and so much more. Wouldn’t you agree?

Anyone who knows Lisa personally, as I do, is inspired by her athletic resume. But seriously, 50 miles a day, almost every day?!

I’ve been thinking about Lisa’s latest conquest a lot lately but it’s hard to wrap my head around it. How could anyone, even someone as talented and committed as Lisa, achieve this insurmountable goal? I got part of my answer today on the phone as Lisa said, “it’s one mile at a time, and sure, while some days I feel desperately in need of God’s help, it’s my faith that sustains me."

"Everyone has their share of misery and feelings of helplessness; we just need to all find that inner strength, and be committed,” she continued (Haltingly. She was of course running as we spoke).

Committed she is, “Running Hope through America,” is a shared crusade to raise $1,000,000 for children; orphans, foster children and the homeless around the world. Visit for information and more importantly, to donate, to the organization and the reasons why Lisa and Sister Mary Beth continue to run and run and run.

Early Saturday morning, June 19th, Lisa will don her worn running shoes for the last day of this journey and weave her way through idyllic Teton Springs Resort in Victor Idaho. Join her for a loop at .85 miles on a pedestrian path she has followed many times before (her 80 miles “80 for Haiti” run being the last) followed by a 8.5 mile trek through the quaint town of Victor and finishing at the historic Spud Drive-In nestled in Driggs, Idaho.

The party at the Spud promises to rock the Tetons! At this historic venue we’re pulling out all the stops for kids, and adults who want to feel like kids, with all the joy and raw emotions that will undoubtedly be in everyone’s heart & soul as Lisa crosses the finish line. We’ll laugh, sing, and cry, not just for Lisa but for ourselves. Safe to say we’ll all feel like we’ve completed our own journey of sorts, filled with an inner peace that somehow we’re all witness to something pure, and good and real. As Lisa will attest, it’s for the children... it’s all about the children.

Lisa will rest her weary head at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa this night, surrounded by friends, family and admirers. Sunday morning we’ll wake in the shadow of the Tetons, sip coffee on the green grass in front of the lodge with Lisa, Sister Mary Beth, friends and family. We’ll give thanks for all of our blessings and reflect on this one journey complete but imagine the many more to come. Won’t you join us? Lisa would relish having you there.

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa has set up a special arrangement for your visit. Call the nice people at 877.787.8757 – and mention “Friends of Teton Springs.” For party details, visit Hurry Lisa, we’re waiting!

Love You Always,

Suzie Bichon

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Anonymous said...

Never Doubt

There are few things in life that can absolutely change us. Sure, we are growing and changing all the time, everyday, just through the process of life. But, to look at a particular situation or a specific period of life and say, “That changed me” is really an amazing thing.

We are never the same once we come to the point of being utterly helpless and at that point are able to see the hand of God move in our situation. To experience the helplessness without God is suicidal. To see God’s hand at work without experiencing the helplessness is futile. But to experience them both is life-changing.

There are different triggers for all of us. I don’t think anybody is exempt. The trigger, which if we allow it, will cast doubt on our otherwise strong faith in God. For some it is a temper that has a tendency to flare. For others it is a marriage relationship that seems destined to fail. And yet for others it is financial stress, where you are carrying the weight of provision that God so eagerly wants to fill. Any of these areas can trigger doubt…if we allow them.

But, in any of these areas and so many more God never gives up on us or on our situation.

When the Israelites desired to go back to slavery rather than claim their Promised Land, God did not give up.

When Moses tried to convince God to send a substitute in his place, God did not give up.

When Aaron was creating a false God at the very moment Moses was talking to the real God, God did not give up.

All of these situations and so many more…at any point God could have chosen to give up on His creation, but He didn’t.

God came to earth as a baby boy and by the time he was two-years old he was the victim of an assassination attempt by a jealous king, yet God did not give up.

He was ridiculed by his hometown, but God did not give up.

He was betrayed by one of his own disciples, but God did not give up.

He broke bread with his most devout and closest friends, and immediately after one of them denies even knowing him, yet God did not give up.

He was spit on, slapped, whipped, and ultimately crucified…and still God did not give up.

The next time you are in s situation that feels and seems totally helpless, remember that you have the opportunity to experience a life-changing moment with God. As you face your helplessness and allow the power of God to work in your situation you will benchmark a moment in your life that you can forever refer back to. A moment of growth when you didn’t give up. A moment of faith when you learned to trust in God rather than in your own abilities. A moment of provision when you realized that it all belongs to God.

Matthew 27:46 – “About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘My God, My God, why have your forsaken me?’”

I share this scripture just as a testimony to the fact, that even Jesus had to go through an incredibly dark moment…that was just days away from a world changing event.

Have a blessed day