Monday, May 24, 2010

Big LOVE in the Windy City!

The compassion that I have for myself has grown through this process. It seems like the more open I am to accepting my own pain and suffering the easier I can deal with it. I've learned to say my feet hurt, but somewhere else in the world someone's feet hurt more. I've learned to say I'm feeling upset, but someone else may be losing a loved one to hunger, AIDS, or another tragedy. The more I accept my pain, the more I can relate to others, and the more I learn from my beautiful life that's a shared work in progress.

Speaking of shared...

Chicago was Magic! Such incredibly positive energy! I had a substantial break through with a faster walking and running pace; we smoked the last 10 miles and clocked a 7:40 mile 48. My feet are feeling better and my emotions are in great form!

Many family members and old friends spent the day and really lifted my spirits! Chicago was very Hot & very Humid. Thank God for the lake breeze in the Windy City!

God answered our prayers and granted us a perfect day full of love, light and beautiful people. I am honored to run all day with our state captain and fellow ultra runner Adrian Belitu who's remarkable energy made my heart sing. He lifted me up with positive encouragement, recognized my sense of purpose and renewed my hope. God's love surrounded us today and it felt so pure!




Sharon Schmidt said...

Yay for you!! Sounds like you're making it through the infamous "wall". One day at a time, one step at a time, right?! Keep on, keeping on...:)
Love ya!

Kay said...

So lovely to hear that Chicago went so well. My heavens - a 7:48 mile at the end of all that??? Incredible.

Jeff B. said...

Your story continues to lift my spirit! Keep it up!