Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Watch ABC News Tomorrow!

Watch Our Very Own Dreamchasers on ABC News tomorrow!

As of 1:30 eastern time today, ABC News has advised that they will be airing segments on the 2008 Marathon des Sables tomorrow, Thursday, April 17 on the following programs:

Good Morning America

ABC World News


Dreamchasers is proud to have brought many athletes from countries far and wide - including the US, Canada, and Australia - to Marathon des Sables, a 152 mile running race through the Sahara desert, earlier this month. An ABC film crew followed several people in the Dreamchasers group for the entire week of the race.

We trust the coverage will capture some of the excitement we experienced in the Sahara. Let us know what you think of the segments - post a comment on the Blog.


Jay Batchen & Lisa Smith-Batchen
Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventure Club


Anonymous said...

How fun will this be!
Are they going to film Jay or did they film Jay? I guess I will find out on Thursday.

Susan M.

JMP said...
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JMP said...

Fabulous News!!!

Finally some recognition for athletes in the running and hiking communities.

Congratulations to all the Dreamchasers and other athletes who participated in the MDS.

I praise everyone with the physical and mental strength who's dedicated to training for events like MDS, Badwater and the like.

I look forward to seeing the news coverage!


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

We shall see if Jay is covered or not, but many of our coaching students were:)