Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mad City 100k!!!!

Mike Wardian not only won the Mad City 100k on Sat. he broke the course record by 20 minutes!!!! The Mad City was the USA National Championships. Holding the old course record was Greg Crowther with a time of 7:14:31. The new course record set by Mike is 6:56:57!!!!

For results:

Top 5 men:
Mike Wardian: 6:56:57
Steve Stowers: 7:14:34
Adam Lint: 7:19:06
Mark Godale: 7:36:31
Zach Gingerich: 8:19:20

Top 5 women:
Carolyn Smith: 8:25:26
Connie Gardner: 8:52:07
Ann Heaslett: 9:40:37
Mary Gorski: 10;54:08
Serina Seiler: 11:37:47

We got 3 emails last night from Mike and his wife Jenn.
1. said its my Birthday (Mikes) and I just won a trip to Italy!!! It will be so great running for the USA! (this is where the World 100k race will be)
2. Mike said: I had a great race and thank you for the support
3. Mike said: I can not wait to go back and run the Marathon des Sables again in 2009!!!

Congratulations to all who ran races or did anything to get off the couch this weekend:)

My road to Badwater training this weekend:
Friday: 3 hours running and walking on big hills:) Versa climber and rowing machine
Sat. spin on the bike, versa and rowing machine
Sun. 1:40 run. A great deal on the track with pick ups. Stair work for 20 minutes.
Feeling good:)



marathanna said...

Mike Wardian -- that guy is a hoot! What an amazing performance. I was photographing the race, and he was SO happy at the finish line. Hooting and hollering and waving and just plain happy. Awesome!

Was it really his birthday the same day?

It was a nasty day, so I admire all the runners who faced the elements (wind, rain, snow, cold). Great job to all of them.


Anonymous said...

It is going to be interesting to see how Mike goes at WS this summer. JFK and now the 100k: 2 big wins for him, but the 100 mile?


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Anna!
I bet it was great to take photos of the race,I would love to see some:)
It was Mikes Birthday on Sunday, when he got the free trip to Italy!!!
See you at 508 this year? I hope to get in and try for the DV cup again.

Sean...I think Mike is going to do very well at WS this year, he is one tough athlete at all distances.

Anonymous said...

So many birthdays in the same week.
Nice running Mike, I hope WS goes well for you as it should.


Trace said...

It's cool to read your training over the weekend (that was yours and not Mike's, right?) in preparation for Badwater. Would love to keep reading how your training is progressing, what your workouts consist of, etc... Keep it coming - it's inspirational for me!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on seeing your post about your own training. I really like seeing what you are doing to prepare. I think it is wonderful that Sr. Mary Beth will be on your crew. I can imagine that it will be an extraordinary experience for you and her, but also for the other dedicated members of your crew.


marathanna said...

Yes, I'll see you at Badwater and the 508 this year! You, Aye Aye and I have a score to settle with that 508 course (-:

It was a ton of fun photographing the 100K, and I plan to get the photos out by the end of the week. I'll email you and let you know when they're up.


M said...

What's a "pick-up"? (from your training on sunday...)


Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

A pick up is like doing 2 min. hard, 8 min. easy:)