Monday, March 10, 2008

What is the Marathon des Sables?

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Marathon des Sables, or MDS as we call it,
is a 150 mile foot race through the Sahara Desert!!!
It is so hard to even believe that the 2008 MDS is going to happen in the next month!

Dreamchasers has many students from all over the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia! The 2009 MDS is selling out faster than this year did which goes to show what an amazing event this is to run.

It is so much more than a running race. It is a journey of a lifetime!
My good friend Cathy Tibbets said it well,
"I ran and walked 150 miles through the Sahara Desert, I know now I can do anything!!!"

This is the 23rd year of the MDS!!!

I personally have many coaching students running this year's race. People from all walks of life and people with many different kinds of goals. Some to just walk to the finish line each day and others run with hopes of placing in the top of the men's and women's race!

Ted who won the RR 50 mile:
I am pushing him to place in the top 15!

Michele, Laurie, Kira and Peggy are all capable of placing in the top 5 for the women!!! Michele and Laurie have both won the Grand Targhee 100! Laurie won the Desert Rats 150 mile stage race. Michele was 2nd at the Leadville 100. Kira was just 2nd at the RR 100 and Peggy is closing the cap with her amazing training :)

So many others to tell you about but I will leave you in suspense…so keep checking my blog for updates. We have several runners that are "running for a purpose" and you are going to read about many of them in the coming days. I hope this will motivate you too!

I will be following the race daily on this blog, with photos and updates…it is going to be one exciting year!

Some photos from the 2007 race,
courtesy of Elad Benjamin and Leslie Martin (thank you both!):

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