Thursday, July 19, 2007

We are off to the races!

4 am wake up call, 7am flight to Vegas, 8pm dinner at Stove Pipe Wells Village at 41 miles on the Badwater course with some great crew and how blessed are we.

I can't tell you how over the top it has been for me the past few days with cards, emails from so many friends and family to wish me well. Thank you, thank you. I wish you all the same...
I will carry each of you with me and I will think of so many of you who are running your own race, or have your own journeys ahead of you that are not a running race but the race of life..
slow down, enjoy the moment..this is my plan!

Colleen, will be posting great updates all week long, thank you!

I am ready, we are ready...calm, cool and relaxed...I have a great crew this year just as I did last year. I will miss many of my crew from last year but will carry them with me to.

Love to you all


Anonymous said...

go kick some badwater ass!!!! have a great journey out there. best of luck to you and your crew!!! h

Lora said...

Go Lisa Go!!! Have fun out there...I'm looking forward to following along with you.

Anonymous said...

Bonne chance Lisa! 8)
Will be routing for ya coach...go kick butt!

Olga said...

Run strong and happy, Lisa!

Matt Hart said...

wishing you a great race lisa! i hope the nuun makes it in time - stay hydrated!!

-the nuun crew

Buffy said...

Just found your blog and am completely blown away by it.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, run with your heart as you always do, enjoy, think of the people you are helping and how proud your family and friends are of you. Love ya kiddo! Gayle