Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good morning to all of you!

It is going to be yet another sunny hot day here in the Tetons!!

The count down is here for Badwater, we leave on Friday morning!!! I feel so calm, so relaxed and the best part will be seeing many old friends.

When it comes time to getting ready to leave for events like this I feel so torn between being really excited and already missing my family.

Tues. I had a great workout and it gave me great confidence. I power walked uphill for 1 mile and ran down hard x 3. My hard miles on the down hill were 6:30 mile pace and this felt easy. Wow..I am ready.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family for all the continued love and support, for my friends with all the extra work they take on to help me get it all done, my amazing crew for having it all together even when I don't, the sponsors that are so very kind to us and then all of you.

Running with a purpose, running for a purpose, we can all make a difference, YOU do make a difference.

A friend and student sent me this and I just love it so wanted to share with all of you to.

The difference between you and some people is that..
Some people give to be seen,
to build a good reputation
Some people give out of insecurity,
to be accepted
Some people give to compete,
to appear to be better than others
Some people give to build self-esteem,
to feel good about themselves
But you are so genuine: you give out of the goodness of your heart.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...


You are one of most amazing women that I have ever known on and off the road. May your light continue to shine on all of us and your efforts continue to inspire us all.


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to walk up Teton Pass with you on Sunday. Your sense of humor and calm about this undertaking is inspiring...let it carry you through the tough parts and inspire others when they are struggling, too. I am much more of a cool mountain girl myself, but I hope you can brave the temps of Badwater and show us all that we are ready to take on more than we think!

olga said...

Calm and relax is just what everybody needs, yet very few have. Keep it this way, Lisa, and nothing will stay on your way! Have an amazing journey with so many friends, a beauty of a desert and for a great cause. I'll be sending you strong wishes and smiles along the way - as much as I can do for you:) Wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

Run like a girl!

Make us proud coach, again!

With you all the way as I know you are always's with the rest of us.


owainsoldestsisterinlaw said...

Dear Lisa,

Thank you from a MPD patient, on behalf of thousands of MPD patients. Your amazing generosity and strength, and the support from all who support you, will make a huge difference for MPD patients and our families.

Thanks to the MPD Foundation's Research Alliance, major breakthroughs are happening in an area that had been stalled for 30 years.

Brava! to you.
Have a wonderful run!


Anonymous said...

Blessed is the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the disclipline of the Almighty

Job 5:17

"Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow."

Dan Rather

Jeff Grant said...

Godspeed Lisa, Godspeed.

Cheering you from afar,

Anonymous said...

Truly awesome. I am impressed. As a female with a MPD I appreciate your efforts tremendously. Go Girl!

Marilyn Canon, PV 2001

Anonymous said...

Good luck, run strong, and keep on inspiring us mortals. I'm sure there's plenty of stress in your life this year, but everything you've written has been so much calmer and more relaxed this year than last--you're in a good place. Just stick with the plan, keep that positive mindset, and you'll probably run three days faster than the last time around! You're nothing but better than the last time you tried this, and you were awesome then, just imagine what you can do now! I'll be checkin' the blog and thinkin' about you all the way. You're the bestest, or given the location of the run, the BADDEST!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa, Thank You so much for your time and giving of running for all us MPD patients. I once was an athlete who played softball, Volleyball and coached for many years until I was struck with the MPD disease called Polycythemia Rubra Vera. I was diagnosed with it at the age of 39 just one month before my 40th Birthday by the time my B-day rolled around I was also told I had suffered a major stroke that left me with cognitive impairment and a slight weakness on my left side. That weakness became a lethal weakness just 8 months later when due to it I fell and Ruptured my Patella Tendon causing me to have 2 surgeries and to this day a bad limp and weakness that I am told will never be repaired. I haven't been able to run in 6 years since the fall and as for sports I had to quit playing all sports 10 years ago. Life changed drastically and all I can do now is coach my own children and enjoy sports from the sidelines. It was a hard reality I had to get use to but I have. may your life be blessed with your wonderful ability forever and may all us athletes who once would have fought to drive our bodies to raise money in such a way continue to live through you. God Bless Tami Jaykins MPD member since 2000