Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great Shot of Mark Wieneke & His Brother!

Please keep sending me pics of your proudest moments at races...I love to share them!

This is a great shot of Mark Wieneke and his brother on the Western States course.

I love the reason Mark gave me for sending this particular photo: 'I thought I would send you this one, it is not the best quality but it is my favorite. My brother and I on No Hands at mile 97 with the finish in sight.'

Keep on running Mark! with your brother at your side!

Oh, and here are some photos from last Sunday's Table Mountain hike. I can't believe this gorgeous hike is practically in my backyard!

Really...not all of our company meetings take place in the shadow of the Grand!

Mike & Laurie...
should I tell this beautiful couple
that Badwater is not exactly going to look like this!!! ;-)

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olga said...

The Tetons shadow picture is just awesome! Have to make sure to get same one before Labor day:)