Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The count down is here....

I really can't believe that in 2 weeks many will be running BW again..it just does not seem like a year has already gone and passed us by. I am ready in the physical and mental sense, I have my heart and mind wrapped around doing the double again I have to say I really am looking forward to it. My personal training has been so completely different this year. I have only pulled the tire once and I have not pulled or pushed my kids at all. I have been trying to get my training in during the heat of the day or early morning while all are sleeping.
Yes..the heat of the day here in the Tetons..It has hit close to 90 or even hotter for over a month now..best darn training I have ever had. Well, we shall see come Monday July 23rd if my new training will pay off. It is going to be a great joy to be in a place I absolutely love and surrounded by so many people I adore..Let the show begin but let it wait another 2 weeks.
I have all my packing to do and many projects to complete before we head to Death Valley.
My crew is so wonderful, loving and organized!
I ask you all to pray for us and all the runners and crews. I ask you to pray that the fires are gone and out of Death Valley. Mt. Whitney was closed this past weekend due to fires.

And I ask you pray for all the others running races all over the World..many are running the Vermont 100..safe, fast race for you all.

My last long weekend was wonderful. 4 hours on Sat. up and down the steep roads.
Sunday we climbed Table Mountain which takes you up to over 11,000 feet..just over 6 hours ups and down. I hope to be able to share some wonderful photos of this with you soon.

Happy training to you all and happy trails.

Here is a great article on pool running!



olga said...

You go, Lisa! Scott Jurek dropped, sadly...It's 103F in Portland today, crazy! I hope Greg is using it to his advantage:)

Bob Gentile said...

Scott Dropped what? out of BW??

Kick Butt Lisa, your Strong!!! and READY!!

Give it Your Very BEST

Pat said...

Hi Lisa,

I have been enjoying your blog for some time now.

I was dropping off an athlete at stovepipe wells a few days ago and drove through the fire just as they were getting started. It was everywhere. Plumes of smoke rising from a dozen different spots on both sides of the 395. The biggest flames were coming from right along the road up the the Whitney portal. It was devastating. Some 400 crew had been mobilized to get this under control. I hope no one is hurt.

I know Leigh and you are lucky to have her on your crew. She is so very funny and delightful to be around.

Good luck, and I comment you courage to do this double.