Friday, April 13, 2007

A Discovery Show you must watch

Happy Friday!

It is a happy day for us. Ironman is in 2 days. Thursday we had 50 mph winds here in AZ and it would have been near to impossible to ride your bike.
We went down to swim on Thursday morning and the water is very dirty but not so cold like everyone said it would be. 71 degrees. The swim is an out and back or a big square. We swam 15 minutes one way and turned back. I am moving really well until I turned around and from the strong wind felt like I was now swimming in an ocean with big waves.
The wind is gone for now and we are thankful.
Today will be a short 20 min. swim, 20 min. bike, 20 min. run.
Sat. we check in the bikes and race bags and just rest all day:)

The show you must watch:
My good friend and coaching student Aran Gordon will be featured in the Discovery Channel
Mystery Diagnosis on 4/16 @ 10:00 PM EST.
I can't wait to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend..Look for some photos late today of us getting ready for Ironman..

Many of my students raced last weekend and many are going to races this weekend. Be safe, have fun and run a smart race.



Jamil said...

Good luck out at Ironman this weekend! I'll be out volunteering on Sunday. I love watching this event from the volunteering perspective. It is such an inspiration.

Lisa B said...

Have a great race, Lisa! I'll be thinking of you.

olga said...

Ladies, congrats on AWESOME time! I hope I didn't mess up anything, but I believe Lisa fionished in 10:30, and Colleen in 13:30 (please forgive me minutes either way).
Hope you feel well!!!