Monday, April 16, 2007

We are Ironwomen!

We are Ironwomen!!!

What a day, what a day.

The winds were fierce to say the least.

We woke up Sunday morning to the sound of the wind howling through the windows. Spending lot's of time in the desert I know that they winds only get worse as the day goes by, nothing you can do to change it and everyone has to deal with the same conditions.

The swim was a mass start with 2,100 people all climbing over the top of each other. This is the worst part for me so I tried to wait on the sidelines as long as I could but that was only temporary. It was shoulder to shoulder, bumper to bumper all the way. I did breast stroke many times just to keep my breathing relaxed.
I was very happy when I got out of the swim and saw that I had gone goal was 1:30. The current was much to deal with on the way back of the was an out and back/large square. The water temp was 68 degrees and to me this felt perfect.
Colleen was not far behind me, just 10 min.

The bike: I made a game out of it. Not having many miles on the road, hills let alone the wind it was not easy. The head winds were 40 mph and this felt like a brick wall. The bike course was 3 loops of 38 miles and a long out and back section. I went as hard as my legs would go on the way out and then on the way back the head winds were so strong you felt like your bike was going to be pulled from under you. There were times when all I could push the pedals was 8 mph! I just tried to keep it fun, laugh at the wind, knowing that my legs were only going to do what they could do. To be honest I never went out of my comfort zone on the bike, I really wanted this race to be fun not competitive and I am happy to say I was able to keep this promise I made to myself..I kept telling myself to relax, have fun, enjoy it. In the old days if I was passed on the bike or run I would work hard to try and stay with them..not this time:) I would say..great job to anyone who past me!
Miss Colleen: I told here to leave it all out there..nothing to save, nothing left..she did just that. Each time I saw here she was on a mission and it made me smile to know that she was about to do something she did not think possible..but training her and with her, I saw what was unfolding and this made my day!

The run: I have to say I felt great getting off the bike. My legs felt fresh, not trashed or like jelly legs. My goal was to run a 4 hour marathon so I set myself up for this and went along my way..passing many people.
The first loop I took my time, the 2nd loop was going to be faster and then the 3rd I was going to bust it. I could not wait to bust it and feel that good old pain. I was not looking to beat anyone just thrive it that feeling of soaring and pushing to a pain level that still feels fun! You know what I mean?
The best laid out plans as you all know fall apart at times. My stomach started to feel full of gas and I had to slow stomach turned from feeling great to feeling awful and I spent a good 45 min. or more in the bathroom on the 2nd and 3rd laps..oh well I told myself! No fun to feel this way but hey so it was.
My 4 hour goal was long gone so I just ran and walked it in and stopped at my bathrooms along the way.
I got my period in the last 2 loops, it is a week early..(sorry guys:)) but it was meant to be.
Coming around the corner, hearing all the cheers for all the finishers I smiled, I cried a bit, I looked up and said thank you to God for giving me a great race and a wonderful day.
I see the finish clock and it is 12:50! My goal was 12:30-13 hours..I did it, I did what I set out to do and I am thrilled. I did not use my watch for the overall I had no idea I was under 13 hours until then.
My daughter Annabella jumped out and ran up the finish stretch with me and said."we won mommy, we won!"
They put the medal around her neck and I picked her up. I told her that I loved her to the moon and back and that the best part of my day was this moment, holding her and winning the medal together..

Then she said, "mommy what took you so long?" HA, HA!!..she made my day to.
What a joy to have my husband Jay at the finish line, our friend Mike and Michelle along with John..Colleens brother.

Colleen...well, let tell you..she rocked the race, she rocked the course and she left it all on the course and had a best time by 2 hours and a best time in her marathon!!! I am not going to say any more about her race, I want her to write it up for you all to read.
One amazing accomplishment and one that we all will remember for a very long time. I am so proud of her and it gave me the greatest joy to watch her sprint up the finish line to run her marathon 1 minute and 15 sec. faster than mine!!!! Wow..what a glorious day!
Thank you God for this experience.

I hope your weekend was wonderful as well.



olga said...

Woo-hoo girls!!! Awesome! One day I will come stay with you for a couple of month, and you'll teach me to bike and to swim:) Ironwomen title is great!!!

c.a. said...

Way to Rumble Gals. We had a virtual cheering party in NYC, tracking Lisa and Colleen's every move. Rockstars!

Lisa B said...

Wow! Great race, Lisa (despite the tummy trouble). I like your attitude approach...I'm sure that is part of what makes you such a successful ultrarunner and ironwoman! Congratulations.

Bob Gentile said...

WAY TO GO Ladies!!! IronWOman!!!!

Those winds had to be rough, it gets so windy on the beach u feel like ur standing still... sorry about the tummy trouble :-( but great attitude and way to have a good time and love after the finish line with the Medal around Annabella, very sweet!!

Colleen Geesh You "Rocked" way to close hard with a PR Marathon, look forward to your report!!

COngrats 2 both on a great day!

See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME Lisa. Way to battle through the physical *issues*. Sounds like a tough battle in the wind. I really find wind defeating and have a hard time mentally battling it.
AWESOME to Colleen as well. 8)
Rest proudly IronWomen.

Julie B said...

Hi Lisa, congratulations to you for hanging tough and reaching your goals. Woohoo!! Rest up and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.