Tuesday, March 27, 2007

MdS Update

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like the Dreamchasers are doing great out there in the Sahara! Hopefully they are all off to sleep right not, and hopefully the cold temperatures they have been reporting for the night times aren't too bad. Jay continues to lead the Americans and from looking at the results, it looks like our team from California did some great training. Lia, Nicholas, and Pierra are doing great - Team for Kids should be proud!

I also need to acknowledge Terry Madl. Every day I look at his results and am so happy for him! Terry has been training very hard for this event and his fitness has been going through the roof. His hard work is paying off!

Click here for the current results for Dreamchasers after the third stage...tomorrow's results will be very interesting, too - as they represent the LONG stage. According to www.darbaroud.com, the stage will be "70.5km, run over two days for some and during part of the night for everyone. Competitors leave in 2 groups: the first at 9H00 and the second consisting of the top fifty runners in the general plus the top five women leave at midday. Love it or hate it, it’s often the most decisive stage of the MARATHON DES SABLES."

Stay tuned!

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