Monday, March 26, 2007

MdS Update

Hello Everyone!

The MdS competitors are now competing in the second day of the 2007 MdS race. After reading the results last night, I am over the moon about the Dreamchasers start! Of course, Mds is a stage race and day # 1 is very early...but I do need to share a little bit of my pride about my husband, Jay. He finished day # 1 as the first American in the rankings, 3hr 51min, in place # 118. Day One covered 29.3 km.

Three of the women I coach did exceptionally well, too. Sandy McCallum was in place # 231, with a time of 4hr 35min. Elizabeth Smith was in place # 410, with a time of 5hr 19min 50sec. Patrice Clapacs was in place # 411, with a time of 5hr 19min 51sec. Great going, gals!

And the second day of the race is well in progress, with temporary results already being posted on the official race website: It looks like the Ahansal brothers are once again giving each other a run for the money! I still remember when they came to visit Jay and I in New Jersey some years ago. They are amazing men and they loved to bowl - something they did for the first time with us!

Reading about the conditions of the race brings back a lot of memories. Hearing that it was a very cold evening before the first stage didn't surprise me. That's a big challenge at MdS - the temps swing.

I will write more tonight when the full results come in for day # 2. I know you join me when we think about our racers and the experience they are jumping into!

Happy Feet!


Here is a link to check the results of the race:


Lisa B said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. Looks like Jay is reeling in and taking over some competitors (or they dropped out in Stage 2 - same difference). At that rate of advancement up the field, by the last day, he should be running shoulder to shoulder with the Ahansals! :)

Go Jay!

Bob Gentile said...

Thanks for Updates!! Go JAY & DreamChasers!!