Thursday, January 04, 2007

Come to Camp

Good morning to all of you!

Come to camp and bring a friend:)

As you plan for 2007, I want to let you know about a camp that I am offering with Marshall Ulrich in Death Valley. I have plenty of details about the camp on my website: I really think you would have an incredible time at camp.

Why? ACCELERATED LEARNING I have watched you transform as an athlete. Remember when you were not sure if you could finish a marathon? Well, those days are long gone (or maybe not – we've had plenty of campers of complete their first marathon AFTER camp!), but there is so much more to learn. Camp represents a chance to jump on an accelerated track. One of my clients who attended camp last summer observed that he felt he learned as much at camp as he would have in two years of running experience. Incidentally, this same client just took more than 2 hours of his 50 mile personal record.

BECOME OF A PART OF A TEAM You will get to meet my other clients. Many of my clients have become lifelong friends and virtual training partners. And it’s so great when we all meet up at races.

TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW Camp offers a chance to see and do the drills that I so often put in your training program. We also put race day and training nutrition to the test. I bring along the products I believe are best for endurance athletes and you will get to try them in the elements. I hope you consider coming to camp. Please let me know what you’re thinking about this idea. Questions, concerns - we can work through them. I’d love for you to be there! :)

Stock up on endurance sports nutrition and performance apparel from Dreamchasers. Here ( is a list of prices and products - itemizing your discount as one of my clients. If you cannot open this link, please send me an e-mail and I will figure out another way to get this to you. Do not miss these prices! :-)

Happy New Year!!!Lisa

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