Sunday, December 10, 2006

I truly believe

We should never give up on our hopes and dreams. The path may be rocky and twisted, but the world is waiting for that special contribution each of us was born to make. What it takes is the courage to follow those whispers of wisdom that guide us from the inside. When I listen to that, I expect nothing less than miracle. -Marilyn J. Kondwani-

Hi Lisa,

I’m off to pick Wanda up at the hospital and take her home!!! She hasn’t been outside for 17 days and we have a cloudless sunny day to welcome her arrival home. Not one inch of snow has melted since it fell and she’ll arrive home to a white winter wonderland. We have the house all decorated!

While Wanda’s survival is a true miracle, her ability to heal and the degree of her recovery has also been miraculous. Please thank Sister MB and all those that you reached out to for prayer, and tell them that God certainly listened to their prayers and blessed us all with His mercy; for the world is a much better place while Wanda is here in it, and she is only here now because of a true miracle and the grace of God.

Love to all!

Michael (my brother)


olga said...

Hey, Lisa, looks like Bob had some imput on your blog page - it looks beautiful!
Happy Holidays to you and your family too!

Joe Galioto said...

My very best to Wanda. I truely believe and I bet she does too. God bless.

Bob Gentile said...

AMEN, God Bless you Wanda WELCOME HOME...That's GREAT NEWS!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Wanda is going home so soon! That is amazing!! -Cathy