Monday, December 11, 2006

Super Neera Cleanse for 14 days!

Happy Monday!
Below is note from Cathy who just did the cleanse for 14 good for her:)
There are so many articles out in the past few days on cleanses like this one..The great, the good, the bad and the ugly. They do change your life.

Well I started again and had to stop again but today is the day! Why has it been so hard for me this time when I did my best to motivate you all:) Being home with 2 little ones alone while Jay was gone and trying to pack just made it very difficult. The first 2 days if you have to cook for other people..and we were making Christmas cookies for Santa, is very difficult. Now Jay will be a great help with the cooking and I can keep my mind clear.
Colleen is on day 3 and others are starting today...Its not to late to order your cleanse..If you want it this time around you will have to go through me to order it.
Have a wonderful day

I did the Neera Cleanse for 14 days and Lisa asked me to write about my experience for her blog. My goals for the cleanse were to lose weight and give my digestive system a break. I lost 10 pounds and had no solid food for 14 days so I think both goals were accomplished. Since stopping the cleanse, I've found that a relatively small amount of food makes me very full. Other possible effects of the cleanse: my skin looks a little clearer, I had some leg cramps on Day 14 and the next night. I tried to do a 48 hour fast a couple years ago and had to stop after 36 hours. As they say in the book, this is not a fast. My energy levels were normal except for the last three days. Even on hard days I was never hungry like I had been during the fast.I originally planned to do nine days, but decided to try another day and then another, then it just seemed easier to finish out the week than stop. In retrospect, I really think 9-11 days is a good length. My energy level has declined noticeably each day since Day 11 and I had an easy training week.As far as the cleanse, Day 3 was the hardest. I was very hungry and had low energy. Much of the day I felt like I would not be able to continue. On Day 5 I started getting bored with the liquid diet and wanted solid food. That lasted through Day 7. Every 3rd Day seemed harder than the others and Day 9 was also not a great day. Most days after Day 9, I was less hungry than I had been the first 9 days. On Day 10 I wasn't very hungry and didn't drink much, but in the evening I was hungry and didn't drink and had a really bad night. I followed the book for the most part with a few exceptions. I only drank the Neera tea the first two nights. It seemed unnecessary in addition to the morning salt water, and I figured it gave my system more of a break at night. I tried to limit the amount of fresh squeezed orange juice to one orange a day, a few days I mixed it with the juice of one grapefruit. I didn't have orange/grapefruit juice everyday. I drank a lot of peppermint tea. I also drank a lot of Guayaki chocolate flavor mate tea which probably does not qualify as herbal tea. I mixed some rice syrup in the drink for some of my workouts. I did this mainly because I knew the amount of syrup in two cans was not going to get me through nine days, and I was trying to stretch it out. After a few long/hard workouts early in the cleanse, I had about a tablespoon of soy protein powder in orange juice to give me 10-15g of protein. I averaged around 9 drinks a day, but on days when I trained more than 2 hours I drank more; maybe 15-20oz per hour. Around Day 9 I ran out of Neera syrup and started using Grade B maple syrup with a little molasses. Molasses provides some of the same nutrients palm syrup does, and it makes the taste similar to the Neera. Over the two weeks I went through 2 cans of Neera Syrup, almost 2 qts of Grade B Maple Syrup, about 12oz of molasses, 8 oz of rice syrup and around 80 lemons and limes.I am going off the cleanse as described in the book. Today is Day 2 of that and I have to say that I felt terrible during my workout, but ok the rest of the day. I guess I won't know for sure if it was a success until a few weeks have passed.Another great benefit of the cleanse: Now I know how to make lemonade!! :)Good wishes to everyone doing the cleanse!-Cathy


olga said...

I had worst day 3 as well, and also experienced boredom after 5 days. Luckily, I only did 1 week. May be I should do it again...

Bob Gentile said...

Great Job & report Cathy, I will be doing a cleanse in early 2007 (Feb)

Yes Coach Lisa, hard to make cookies and cleanse!! that just is not a good combo :-)

Good luck with your cleanse.


kim said...

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