Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Help if you can

Dear friends and family,

This letter just came to me from our friend Ben who is an amazing young man. Ben ran the MDS with us 2 years ago. Please read this letter and if you can help please do. It is a good time of the year to think and help others and reflect on how much we all have.
Happy Holidays

Hey guys,If you remember, I have been sponsoring a girl from the Phillippines since I graduated in 2003. The typhoon they had there says there are possibly thirty children that have died, out of about 36,000 (!). I´m not sure at this time what has happened and to who, but please try to give a few dollars to their rescue efforts at their website on the email below. BEN PENNINGTON---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Children International < >Date: Dec 5, 2006 2:32 PMSubject: Sponsored Children Lost to Devastating Philippines TyphoonTo:

Dear Ben,
A tragic event has struck the Philippines…Typhoon Durian ripped through the island country four days ago and more than 30 sponsored children are still unaccounted for and are feared dead. Durian was the fourth major typhoon to hit the country in the last few months and, according to staff who were there, one of the worst in decades. Thick mud, boulders and walls of debris swallowed entire communities, destroying homes and lives; many of the families living there were already struggling just to survive each day. When Mary Rose, a staff member in Tabaco, was finally able to contact us, she said sponsorship communities "took a direct hit and…suffered massive damage. The streets are littered with debris and a lot of families have lost their homes." Because many parts of the Albay province where Children International sponsors more than 36,000 children are still inaccessible and remain without electricity or phone service, I'm sorry to say that we have no more specific information at this time. Even though conditions are complicating local efforts, our staff are working tirelessly to complete a census of sponsored families and will provide us with that information as soon as they can. What we know for sure is that many of the families ravaged by Durian have nothing left. Their homes and in many cases, their loved ones were swept away…their lives forever changed by this catastrophic event. It's especially heartbreaking to think this is how so many sponsored families will spend their holidays…mourning their losses and slowly trying to put the pieces of their broken lives back together. And though the pledges of aid from around the world are a good start, these families need all the help they can get…and all the help we can give them. That's why we have to do what we can now. Not just for recovery efforts, but in helping sponsored families rebuild. Each of us can do something to help the families in the Philippines right now…by giving generously to our recovery and rebuilding efforts! While Children International is not a relief agency, I believe we are obligated to do all we can to help sponsored families when their lives are devastated by tragedy. With that in mind, our board of directors has already authorized the release of emergency funds…unfortunately, even with this extra funding, we can't cover all the expenses, which could run into the millions of dollars. That's why I'm asking you to make a contribution right now. Anything you can give will make a difference in our relief and rebuilding efforts. Families need immediate necessities, including food, water, medicine, clothing and shelter. Then they'll need help with putting their lives and their homes back together. In their time of need, we must be by their sides helping them pick up the pieces. And with your help, we will. So please, give what you can…$20, $200 or $2,000, or more if you can, and help sponsored families make a new start. With thanks, Jim CookPresidentP.S. We will send you more information about this tragedy in a few days. In the meantime, you can go to our website at or call us at 1-800-888-3089 for the latest updates or to make a donation to the Philippines Emergency Fund.
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