Wednesday, November 29, 2006

super cleanse!

 Hi everyone!
Several of you who read my blog are doing or will start doing the cleanse. It would be so great if you would send comments to my blog that everyone can read about how you are feeling and the experience you are going through!
I will not be able to start mine until Thursday. Many are doing it now and others will start in the next few days or in the next week. It is not to late to join us!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Here is to great health!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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Anonymous said...

Some thoughts; mainly for those who haven't started yet.

The drink, etc.:
1) You'll need a lot of lemons. 4-6 minimum, per day if you use some kind of juicer, manual or electric.

2) 1 can of syrup will probably not last 5 days for someone who is exercising a lot. Grade B maple syrup (or grade C if you can get it) and a little molasses makes a decent substitute.

3) If you are used to spice the supplied amount of cayenne pepper may not be enough for one can of syrup. Note other cayenne will probably be hotter so use less or your mouth may be on fire. Does prevent drinking too fast.

4) Hot herbal tea is good.

5) Fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice are good after workout "recovery drinks".

The cleanse:
Day 1: No problem. My glycogen levels were well stocked from finishing off Thanksgiving leftovers that would not freeze well on Day 0. Weight --

Day 2: No problem. Weight -3.5

Day 3: Felt like I was starving and had low energy. This was the worst day so far. If possible schedule Day 3 when you will be least tempted by food...or better yet distracted altogether. Weight -1

Day 4: Pretty Easy. Wow! Not every body can gain weight on a juice fast. I am all set in case of famine. Weight +0.5

Day 5: Not too hard. Starting to get bored with the liquid diet. One batch of drink tasted like apple cider. Yum! Weight -2

Overall I have not been able to push as hard on workouts as usual, but other than Day 3, I've felt pretty good exercising.

Anonymous said...

The Master Cleanser Formula:

* 2 Tablespoons of fresh lemon (or lime) juice
* 1 Tablespoon pure maple syrup
* 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
* 8 ounces of spring water

Anonymous said...

Started Day 1 today. Last night I dreamt about the cleanse. I cheated in my dream, so I was worried that I would not have the will power to last 7 days (my goal).
The drink, I'm sorry, but it is horrible. I could only stomach about 32 ozs today. Not as hungry as I thought I would be, but it is only day one.
Bought limes for tomorrow's mixture. Hoping that tastes better than the lemons.
I only walked today, but will try to run an hour and a half tomorrow as I anticipate that day 3 will be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

That makes it hard if you don't like the drink. Did you try varying the proportions of the ingredients?

Here is a link to someone's journal about doing the Master Cleanse. (Doesn't talk about not liking the drink.)

I haven't been using the tea. I've just done the salt water drink in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Started the cleanse last Sunday.
Day 1: Easy - had a hard time sleeping though, my body ached, especially legs. The drink tasted fine and was tolerable. Hungry at night but made it.
3lbs off must have peed 60 times. Followed the directions exactly.
Day 2: Hungry, but did OK. Nighttime again had a very hard time sleeping because of leg aches. I finally took a Potassium, Magnesium and that helped.
Down 5 lbs.
Day 3: Hardest yet. Hungry all day, but kept drinking - drinking - I feel like the nighttime tea also cleanses (as it says it will)
Down: 6 lbs.
Day 4: Still a bit hungry, but drank again all day. Peed less, energy better. I have only walked dogs during the cleanse.
Day 5: Feel good, really good. I have had good energy too. Nice flat stomach and I have lost enough weight 123 from 130. Will do today then eat light as Lisa suggests as I have a race on Sunday.
This cleanse really works. I've been on another cleanse twice before but I was able to stick with this due to the syrup staving off hunger if I did drink as I should. I have lost the cravings for sweets too. I couple of people noticed I had lost weight yesterday. :-) I'm happy with this weight loss even if I put back on a couple of pounds of water weight.
Lisa, this is a good and healthy alternative to regular dieting. AS well I do better with fewer choices and less cooking. It takes discipline and I like that feeling that one can be empowered by using discipline in a good and healthy way.

Anonymous said...

I finished my cleanse monday. I planned to do 5 days, but only made it for 4 because i ran out of syrup. I drank 8-9 10 oz. glasses a day (the book said most people do 6-10 so I didn't think i was out of range)because i was exercising a lot, but i ran out at the end of day 4.
I thought the drink tasted good, but couldn't tolerate the herbal tea (i'm not a fruity tea fan, ick), so i only did that twice.
In total I lost about 5 pounds, and I wasn't trying or wanting to lose any weight. I gained 2 pounds of that back already.
Overall, I thought the cleanse was helpful, but was difficult for me not because I was that hungry, but because I missed eating (couldn't go out for breakfast with my friends after my morning run, etc).
Day 1- Felt fine, no problem
Day 2 - Ran 13 miles and was a bit lightheaded the first half, but it seemed to pass. I went an easy pace. Didn't feel that hungry
Day 3 - Felt hungry, but still not that bad
Day 4 - Not too hungry, but bored with the drink. I never felt too hungry or weak.
Day 5+ - went back to normal eating, and the stomach was a little resistant the first day, but then i went back to normal. I feel great, and energetic!

Good luck to those doing it now or in the near future!
-Michele Jensen

Anonymous said...

I kinda like the taste of the drink but I may be atypical because I like *spicy* stuff and use quite a bit of cayenne.
Day 1: Felt okay but in the afternnoon became really tired. But after 1hr on treadmill and spinning class I felt better to be honest.
Day 2: quite hungry but what is harder to bypass the items around the house. Feel better than Day 1.

Anonymous said...

Since I have been on the fast (recovering today) I really have a renewed sense of racing and don't quite fear it (as much) anymore. I am really psyched about my upcoming races and think that I will do *well*. Well, HardRock still scares the crap out of me but I'll battle those demons when the time comes (if I get in).

Have a great day!