Wednesday, November 29, 2006

attitude is so much!

Hello to you!
Thanks for the cleanse comments:) I have to tell you I LOVE the taste..I think if you don't care for the taste you need to work with the lemons or limes and the amount of mixture. I also love the Neera Cleanse due to there syrup and where it all comes from. One day at a time...
Below is an email I received today from a friend and coaching client. He has had some health issues. I wanted to share this email with you all just so you can read and feel the amazing attitude!
It is a blessing to have people in my life with this attitude and a constant reminder that we can all use a kick in the butt every so often!
Wanda is doing better with each passing day, again thank you all for the prayers. She has a total of 19 broken bones. I spoke with her on the phone today and her attitude is the same as you read below.
I thank God for the bumps in the road for they are what make us stronger, smarter and better people.
Good night and God Bless!

Hi, Lisa!
Things are going OK. Knee is 100%. I have not had any atrial fibrillation episodes requiring cardioversion (“reboot” the heart) since Oct 10th. My cardiologist is “sure” I will have another episode soon. I usually “know” when it is coming and the past few days I have had numerous irregular beat episodes. After my next one I’ll have the surgery (pulmonary vein ablation). I saw my cardiologist a couple of weeks ago and he “asked” and strongly suggested that I taper back my running until things are stabilized. We had a long discussion of what “taper back” is. Bottom line – no long (over 2 hr) runs. Most running is 60-90 mins at 70-75%. Still doing some cross training but taking 2 days off per week. It is not life threatening as long as I stop exercise as soon as I go into A-Fib.
It’s all just a detour. I’ve accepted it. I plan on running the MDS 2008. My spirit is strong, my heart is full of gratitude for all the wonderful gifts God has given me which I do not deserve. I continue to live one day at a time, with a daily goal of performing one random act of kindness. My wife and the kids are great. We are all going to Kauai for 10 days after Christmas. What else could I want? The physical issue is just a bump in the road – sometimes you just have to do around it!
Peace and love to you, Jay and the girls. I think of you often. I will keep in touch.

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