Tuesday, October 17, 2006

world mantra!

Below is an email from my good friend Greg, he tried to post this as a comment on my blog but was not able to. Have to say it is not only beautiful it is amazing. It is his reaction to my email about Madonna and the child she adopted. Since I sent that blog out early this morning I have gotten many emails with many amazing responses. Its really that the system does not work..for those who don't have millions of dollars ( yes Madonna has worked very hard for the money she has earned) and who do have a "name" you will continue to have to wait your turn and go through all the red tape. We are not keeping score, its just the hard facts of life that sometimes it just is not fair.
I love Olgas idea about starting an organization to help more people who want to adopt to make it more simple and less costly, let the money go to the children!!!

its always been about money. (i tried for the third time to put on your comments, i failed, i quit) the world mantra should be:
for those that have lived their life keeping score,don't. live to help those you love, and learn to help those you don't love, till you love them too. you don't have to like them to love them. those random acts of kindness will help your heart and the others to remember a simpler time when common decency was a common goal. That in time like a candle in the darkness all that comes from inside is good and a little light goes a long way in the darkness, to which people always approach with that eternal hope that happiness always seems to be linked with sharing even if its just the light (love) itself...

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