Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It is very interesting to me to watch what has gone on and happened with Madonna and her adoption of a 1 year of child in Africa.
She was able to fly into Africa in her private jet, donate 3 million dollars to the aids orphans and less than a week later walk away with a 1 year old child who she adopted.
For people like me who can not have there own children adoption is such a wonderful option, but sometimes it takes years to get a child and some couples never get a child. They wait and wait and wait. The cost in very high to adopt a child and there is so much red tape you must go through.
What I would love to know is why Madonna was able to just walk in and pick the child she wanted and then fly off with the child? This is SO very wrong and painful for all those people who have been waiting on a list for a very long time. How did she get past all the paper work, the red tape, the waiting list?
Her money, is that why?
I think it is wonderful that the African government might be opening up more to the idea of allowing there children in the orphanages to be adopted by Americans and I think it is wonderful that Maddona is giving her money to help the children. But why did she go straight to the top and walk away with a child, why not follow the rules like the rest of us have to and let the child be adopted by the person/people who have been waiting and who have followed all the rules?
This summer I raised $180,000 for the same children in Africa and the money is still coming in:) I am so thankful that more and more people are helping and giving. I spoke to my friend sister Marybeth over and over for years about her helping us adopt a child from Africa and it was next to impossible.
I guess you can see that I am a bit confused and sad that the systems we have in place in the world are also the systems that can be bought with the right amount of money!
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olga said...

Angelina Joley (sp?) is another example of it. It is wonderful they want to help children in need, and are willing to shed millions for their home countries, but there are so many women who can't, but would have been the reatest Moms in the world! Why wouldn't they help to set up a foundation for those women to help them adopt children from the same Africa? Just a thought on how the money could be used even more wisely.