Friday, August 04, 2006

sit down for this one

 Hi all,
Happy Friday. I still continue to be full of emotions with lots of crying that comes and goes.
The dream I had for the last 4-5 years is now a reality. What comes with this are many things that I am sorting out in my heart and in my soul.
My body feels very good. My right ankle that was sprained is painful and so are the bone bruises on the bottom of my feet. I am not even taking advil for this, this to shall pass!
I only lost 2 pounds, but the muscles in my legs are much smaller.
I am trying to rest when I can and reflect on the miracle of life and the many gifts life has given to me.
So many things stand out in my mind. One is what my friend and crew member Pam said to me before we started, she also raises money. "If we each could just pick a TINY part in the world that we wanted to help and bring peace to we would make a large impact". I know the part I have picked, Marshall and others have picked is making a large impact.
Find something close to your heart to make an impact, you don't have to run 300 miles, you don't have to run at all. Just do something and know that, that something will make a do make a difference, we all make a difference.
God is love and love is what life is all about.
This video was sent to me about 45 min. ago. I am thankful it came to me at the right time. I sat here balling looking and listening. It brought so much back to me and I know you will gain something more in your own heart by watching it.
Pass it on to everyone you know. Share the love, share the gift.
Love you all

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, thank you for the link! I love to find stories (including yours) that exemplify the infinite that is the human spirit. Ever since I read about the Hoyt's in a book called Unstoppable, by Cynthia Kersey, (good book by the way) I have taken an interest in their story and what they do. Everytime I see/hear/read about them I tear up and am reminded what life and love are really about.

Just a fan,
Travis C