Friday, July 28, 2006

A Word to Our Sponsors!

Lisa and crew were so grateful to have the benefits of some really incredible products from some very generous sponsors. I have taken lots of photos and would like to thank each sponsor by sharing a photo of their product in action over the past week. I have more photos which I will share at a later time, but I know how important it is to Lisa that she express her gratitude for this generosity…and as they say, hopefully a picture is worth a thousand words!

ArcticHeat Ice Vest
High Range
Designs (they screened the logos onto our tee-shirts)
Injinji Socks
Kinesys Sunscreen
Life Wave
Nathan (hand-held bottles and awesome daypacks!)
Oxy Socks
Salt Stick
Smart Wool
Sunday Afternoons Desert Hats (great protective sunhats!)
Sun Precautions (great protective sunhats with longer back flaps!)
Uptime (energy drink)


Anonymous said...

Finlay here, member of Lisa's crew! Thank you so very much to all of the sponsors that kept us moving with products. I cannot thank you enough for your support. The smartwool shocks were famtastic and I love my Nathan Backpack. My wife made the comment when I arrived home that now "I think I am a mountain climber" She thanks you Lisa for another reason to explore! In all honesty I cannot express enough to all of you the importance you played in keeping us going. My Sharkee's keep me going up and than down that mountain.

Finlay Woodruff

Anonymous said...

Crewmember Pam here...still wearing the Smartwool socks! OK, I washed them, really. Great product; socks really do matter, as unglamorous as they may be.
Uptime Energy?!? Are you kidding me? How else would we have hiked up and then jogged down from the thin air of beautiful Mt Whitney?
Thanks to all of the sponsors for your support; it was a pleasure to try new products in such a demanding environment. pb

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all of Lisa's GREAT sponsers. Hammer HEED and Endurolytes kept our crew very healthy-no cramping at all..My Nathan bottle NEVER left my hand for 8 days-really. And The day pack got me up and down Whitney with much comfort and storage. I used Smart wool for the first time, how have I run this long w/o them, they were magical along w/ my Patigonia shirt which also did not leave my body for 7-8 days except for the occasional rinsing)Thank you very much!!! Todd (crew)

Anonymous said...

In many ways, my focus for this race was protecting Lisa's feet. And I was so grateful for two sponsored products that helped me in this effort: Injinji Socks (I swear by them and they kept Lisa's toes intact where the taping wasn't needed) and the Oxy Socks (what great idea. Lisa had no swelling by wearing these socks! )

Personally, I loved the two hats we each received. Sunday Afternoons Desert Hats (great protective sunhats!) - very stylish. Marshall had this hat with an extra sleeve sewn into the inside for adding ice. I liked that. And Sun Precautions (great protective sunhats with longer back flaps!) My old standby. I love the desert hat, and thank you!

With gratitude,