Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog Postings This Weekend

Colleen here.  Just wanted to let you know that after today,
my postings to the Blog will not have photos. Tonight we
start the trip back to Badwater, so I will not have an
Internet connection.

But do stay tuned…I will still post messages.
Thanks very much!


Mark Wieneke said...


You have been doing a great job keeping us informed of Lisa'a adventure. Best of luck to Lisa and her crew on the way back to Badwater, I know she can do it.

Anonymous said...


Although I miss Todd, I cannot imagine him missing this incredible experience. Lisa's determination and stamina is truly inspiring! She is encouraging many who wonder if their dreams and goals can come true. Her passion will bless the many children of Ethopia!
I have been praying for you all during this week! Thanks to Coleen for the great blog and audio clips that have kept us on the edge of our seats (or running shoes).
Go Lisa! Go Dreamchasers!

Love from So FL, Helene Brown

Tracy said...

Thanks a TEXAS TON for all your hard work Colleen. We couldn't have made it through the day without your updates! We have been GLUED to the computer since the race began....our "blog fixes" got us through each day. You'll never know how important your efforts were to those of us at home. THANK YOU!!! Here's wishing the team a smooth trip to Badwater....may your feet fly and your spirits soar!!

Hugs to all from Todd and Finlay's home team! :)

bbecker said...

Lisa, a big "Wow" from your Fort Lauderdale fan club! We're down here doing a dance for you! Congratulations on your amazing progress. Thanks to that great support crew of yours, we're watching your every success. Enjoy a great finish at Badwater. See you at Camp next month.
We love you,
Bob Becker

will abrams said...

wow wow wow