Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where is Lisa on the Course?

Latest reports from crew members have Lisa at Keeler on Tuesday, July 26th at 2:00am. This is approximately seven miles since the last update at 7:30pm. The good news is that Lisa has got some shut-eye in that time, but the truth of the matter is that Lisa is suffering. The spirit that permeates the crew is that the chief priority is to keep Lisa's spirits positive and away from the pain that she is experiencing. The crew is looking to offer Lisa the support and positive encouragement she needs to move forward to Lone Pine, which will bring her to the Whitney Portal Road. And the good news is that another crew member just reported to me that in the last hour, there has been a small shift in Lisa's demeanor and step. Her words are growing more philosophical, and she is talking about things in a new voice - a good sign as she moves away from the focus of her stomach pain. This type of transformation is absolutely critical to her success. She will keep on keepin' on - send her your love and healing vibes!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for updates Colleen. Just looked at the latest splits and it's kind of hard to tell what's going on just by looking at times.
Keep up the good work!!
Bill Graney

Tracy said...

Monitoring the site every hour for news....the Texas girls have arrived in New Mexico where we'll continue the vigil. We send our prayers out to the crew and are channeling ALL of our strength (and the energy of Finlays 2 year old baby)and are sending it to Lisa. We are SO PROUD of her effort and dedication. May her feet become light and her spirit be lifted into the clouds! We'll stay by the keyboard....stay strong!!...and know that many hearts and prayers are with you.

Wishing you Happy Feet....and wishing Finlay a Happy Birthday! Is this REALLY what you wanted for your birthday????....scary thing is....we know that it is...

Hugs to everyone from Todd and Finlay's Families!
Roger, Mary, Tracy, Kristen, Avery and Duke