Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lisa Completes the 2006 Official Badwater Race

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to (quickly) report that Lisa has completed the 2006 Official Badwater Race. She completed this 135 mile race in a little over 49 hours. I'll get her exact time later.

I was at the finish and she looks GREAT. She is giving new meaning to the term 'Comeback Kid'! I am reporting this to you live from Lone Pine, California - where Lisa's sister Julie and I are visiting, as we get cheeseburgers and milk shakes for Lisa and a hungry crew preparing to go for the Mt Whitney Summit. Lisa and crew are camped out in a portal cabin where they are hopefully getting some well-deserved rest.

I will post photos and some audio commentary from Lisa later tonight, but for now - a hungry crew awaits!


ps - We are celebrating crew member Finlay's birthday with a cake up at the cabin! :-)


Leila Boujnane said...

Fantastic Lisa!
Congratulations. Hope you are feeling great and looking forward to the rest of your journey! I know if anybody can do it you can!

Leila (I am still running!) and look forward to seeing you soon.

Hans Florine said...

Go Lisa!