Monday, July 17, 2006

weekend results

 Good morning!
It was a HOT weekend everywhere this weekend! Vermont had mud and bugs!!!!
Connie had a PR in her Tri by 11 minutes!!!
Mark did the Tahoe Rim 100 and ran a 31:26:25!!! Heard this was a VERY difficult race..
Alex: 44th overall in a time of 23:08:05 at Vermont 100...A PR by almost 6 hours..he stuck to the plan and had a negative spilt..If you don't know what this means: he ran the 2nd half faster than the first half and passed many people!!!
Kira: 139th overall in a time of 28:46:55 at Vermont 100!!! Her first 100 mile go girl:)
Some did not have great days, this is part of being an athlete of any sport. We must learn to work and deal with the good, the bad and the ugly. We learn so much for having a great race or not having a great race.
It is what we take away from the experience and how we learn and move forward that is most important.
We can train for the perfect race, wake up race morning and start out feeling great. The wheels may come off and we have to deal with all the obstacles in the way. Sometimes not finishing a race is the right choice, the only choice. I don't like to say DNF, DID NOT FINISH, I like to say DMB..DID MY BEST!!!
When we do our best, this is ALL you can ask of yourself.
Have a great day!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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