Sunday, July 16, 2006

give and give

 This is an email from a friend that I wanted to share with you all..I think it has something for all of us!!!
Dearest Lisa
You are leaving tomorrow, and may your journey be successful even though painful at times, happy even though slowed to a crawl once in awhile, smooth even though hobbling over mountain passes, and may you be surrounded by your best friends attending to all your needs in a split second, and may the sun have mercy, and the body cooperates, and athletes around be have best times pushing through and talking to each other, may support from whole world follow your day(s), and we wish you quick feet with strength and will power you have.
I was able to go 2:30 today, it was 93 degrees and sunny:) I felt wonderful. Need sleep but it will come:)
It is all coming together, I have everything packed except my clothes which will take a few hours.
Today I felt a sense of accomplishment with getting so much off my list. I have to thank my husband for all his wonderful help and support!
While I was running today I had the usual thoughts one has before a big event..
Have I trained enough, should I rest more...all the should have, would have and could haves!!!
I have to say I smiled while running and said YES, I have trained enough and when I hit that start line I will have rested enough. I wont have any should, would or could..I will have peace in my heart, mind and soul and I will move forward with grace and honor to be given the opportunity to make my dream come alive!
One of my favorite quotes: "Give, give, give until it hurts and when it hurts keep on giving."
-Mother Theresa-
Good night and sleep tight!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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