Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Race Report from Miles 17 through 58 - Furnace Creek to Townes Pass

this is an audio post - click to play

Here's Lisa at Stovepipe Wells, getting on her night-time gear.


Tracy said...

HUGE Hugs from Texas!!!...every minute of the past two days we find ourselves asking no one in particular...."I wonder where Lisa is now?....I wonder how Lisa is feeling?....." It seems we can't tear our minds off this race for even a moment. After watching the movie (Running on the Sun), we've come to expect a video crew tracking her every movement and delivering it to our living room!!!....our imaginations are now our only tool for envisioning what might be happening! We pray that Lisa and her crew are all healthy, happy, and enjoying every step (ok....maybe not EVERY step)of this incredible adventure. I smile knowing that the boyish curiosity that drove two goofy "boys" to inquire about Badwater has now pulled two men into the adventure of a lifetime. We send our best to Todd and Finlay....and PRAY there is enough beer in Death Valley to aid their recovery!

Love to all....from deep in the heart of Texas,

Tracy said...

BTW...after hearing Lisa's audio comments at the 41 mile point (on the Badwater official site), we were reminded of exactly why she is doing this....it spurred us to grab our checkbooks and honor the intent of this endeavor. Seems like a very small thing to do in light of the sacrifices made in Death Valley this week.....and in light of the suffering in Ethiopia...

Tracy :)