Monday, June 19, 2006

my weekend

 Happy Monday to all of you!
Great thunder storm here this morning:)
I'm still waiting for many of Dreamchasers race results from the weekend but here are a few!
Toland and Alex ran the Mohican 100 together. It was very hot and humid and I guess over half the field did not get to the finish line. 29 hours!  Great job guys and great job to Cole and Megan who helped pace them and to Julie who helped crew. I have to say that Toland was a couch potato just 6 months ago. He went from NO running and being over weight to a 3:59 marathon and then 1 month later running is first 100 mile! Tough, very impressive.
Andy Boyd who is my oldest client just ran 33 hours at Big Horn 100! Andy is on his way to our house right now where he will stay tonight. I look so forward to hearing all about this race!
More to come!
On a personal side I had some very emotional but great learning experiences on a professional side this weekend. I learned a great deal about how and how not to mix business and friendships and that maybe you cant have it both ways. I bet you have all been down this road before?
Thanks to so many of you who have sent me songs, quotes and workouts. Keep them coming!
I have to say my favorite right now is this one: "Sometimes silence is the best answer". This one hit right at home this weekend and will be what I draw on while in Death Valley in July. Being silent and drawing into your own inner self and being one with yourself and staying focused on goodness.Thank you Jim for sharing this one with me and now all of us.
Friday I set out to do 10 hills, I was able to get in 8 of them. I ran out of time. I felt so strong and was able to run and walk the last one. Cole this is the hill I took you up! After the 8th one I still felt like I could go all
Sat. I pulled the tire only walking with Colleen, it was a great walk. Thanks Colleen
Sun. The best day so far. Happy Fathers day! We had an awesome day as a family. Breakfast together. Then Jay cut the grass and I played soccer with Annabella. This kid at 3 years old can throw the ball with 2 hand over her head right into the goal as well as kick it with both feet. Next we rode her bike up and down the street.
The baby was in her swing on the front porch getting to watch us all:)
Jays fathers day gift was a 1.5 hour massage at Grand Targhee Resort. I had a great idea! Jay can drop me and the girls at the bottom of the hill and I can push and pull them to the top. I had an idea that this would be hard but no idea it would be as hard as it really was:)
I have to say, hands down the hardest 2 hours to date but the most powerful I felt. My girls both slept all the way. The last 10 min. of the pull up Annabella woke up and said..were almost there mama, you did it, you did it.
She must have heard me talking to myself can do it, you can do it.
Jay drove up and back a few times to check on us and got some great photos. It was sunny and beautiful.
I felt so satisfied with this workout, enough that I will take today off:)
The kids went swimming in the pool and then we came home and had a great family dinner and snuggle buggle time in bed with the girls. What a perfect day.
I hope yours was just as good
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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