Thursday, June 08, 2006

Heat training

 It is getting hot all over the USA, even got up to 88 degrees here on Wed.!
Many people have trouble training in the heat and say they feel just awful after workouts.
Some of the key things I do for training in the heat are listed below:
1. go out early in the morning on in the evening to do your workouts. I like to go in the heat of the day but hey, that is just me:) I also feel it best to train in the early morning if your going to run a race in the morning. This way your body is used to it.
2. carry hand hold water bottles with you and use a sports drink that will replace the minerals you are loosing through your sweat!
3. make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses
4. put ice in a baggies and place on top of your head under your hat.
5. where a neck scarf that is cold, they do sell these
6. wear silk weight or the light wool clothing and light colors..patagonia or smart wool are best
7. sunscreen!
8. use a run/walk pattern
9. run under sprinklers along the way
10.take a cool bath to recover
If you feel light headed, dizzy, headache, stomach ache chances are the heat is getting to you and you need to stop, get in the shade and recover. Make sure you go into every workout hydrated which requires you to drink water throughout the day!
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Happy Summer
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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