Saturday, May 13, 2006

CAMP DAYS 3 AND 4 and home

 Hi gang!
Boy today was great! Erik, Colleen and myself did 5:20 total time of power walking only.
I feel that this year doing the BW double I will be doing tons of walking so I want to focus on my weakness. It was great and we covered about 21 miles, which is wonderful.
I feel so thankful to have friends to do this with.
The moon was so bright and beautiful, the smell of the morning was just what my soul needed today. When the sun came out, it became an even more glorious day! I am thankful:)
Last week at camp is still fresh in my mind. We have had many sign up now for the August camp here in the Tetons! Don't miss out on this one.
Day 3 we Power walked (PW) all the way up Father growleys! These campers walked it faster than Marshall and I ever have and they all just learned how to walk!!!
Wow, is all I can say:)
It is amazing to me to watch people transform with just a bit of coaching and form changes.
We had enough time to come back and do a short trail workout and then one of my famous cross training workouts with stairs, jump, leaps and bounds. Wont tell you all the secrets you just need to come to camp and learn them!
We spent time in the classroom talking about troubleshooting in races, forces of nature and footwear and foot care. Great stuff.
We finished the day showing the Outdoor Life Network of the Marathon des Sables the year I won, it made me cry to watch this, I was so happy and thrilled. The year and race I met my wonderful husband Jay!
Day 4: We spent on trailing running techniques and went up Telescope Peak which is about 5:30 round trip. We worked on uphills, downhills and flat section as well as how to place your footing. Needless to say these campers once again shocked us with there learning ability and enthusiasm. We even had to cross a few snow fields and it was 100 degrees in Death Valley!
The classroom was spent going over clothing and race gear, pacing, crewing and finding balance in your life. Again,great stuff.
The last day was Sunday: These campers did not stop for even 10 minutes the entire time.
They wanted us to take them on an all night run! I thought about this and yes, it would have been fun but we had done more miles that we had set in place. So we made a compromise with them and left the hotel at 4am to do a 4 hour workout. We walked and ran until the sun came out and then spent 1:30 total time going up and down the sand dunes! These dunes are full of magic and beauty and it just made the start of the day even more wonderful. We had breakfast and then met at the pool for one of my kick butt cross training workouts in the water. They are not swimming laps, but deep water running and all kinds of kicks and pulls that really work you to max but also recover your tired body.
This was the first time I saw anyone take a rest. The workout was over, we all sat on a lawn chair and about fell asleep!
Time to pack and head back to Las Vegas or home.
It is still so fresh in my mind and heart, the wonderful people who come to learn from Marshall and myself, little do they know all we learn from them to.
I look forward to the next camp and I know that some of the campers we just had will be back, Alex is not what we call a camp groupie, he has been to everyone of them!
Many Blessings
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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