Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Long time no talk. I'll be emailing A LOT more than I have been. My company is going through a major operational change... we moved our warehouse from NYC to OH and let me tell you, I put in over 75 hours of work the week before the marathon (i'm on the project team, I manage 6 people, I am working with the VP of sales to reconstruct our US sales force...etc... the list doesn't end).
I ran it though. Less trained than I could've been... but truthfully, the run was felt SOOOO good. I ran the same race last year and hated it and this year I found a peace I definitely needed. When I finished I had a bit left over, that is true, not one step was a tired one. It's like I ran like I appreciated running... sorta like eating chocolate.
I guess my circumstances forced me to not exactly reevaluate my goals, but rather adjust my expectations. Like I said, the race itself... I didn't push very hard. Usually when I don't push hard I feel like it is a lost opportunity. This time I really didn't feel that way. I literally didn't sleep the Friday before because who I love told me he didn't quite love me anymore... ha... or care about me for that matter. Anyway, I guess I'll get all my excuses in in the beginning of the year. But it does bring up a few questions I don't really have answers for: why do I run? what are my goals... time, finishing, enjoyment, etc??? I guess you can ask the questions and I'll just respond.
I have just read your email over 2 times, you are one amazing young lady with SO much of life ahead of you.
Its great that you get things done.
The place I want to take you is to a place of being satisfied with yourself!
Why do you run? Its a friend, a very good friend. It brings you peace, it brings you pain and it brings you stability that nothing else in life will bring to you.
Its the friend that will help you solve all the worries of the world and when something in life is bothering you it will seem so much less after you go out for a run.
You have so much talent in many ways, running is just one of them. You have not even come close to where this friend of yours, running will take you.
You are a very competitive person, I have watched you run and race and I have listened to all those others around you talk about how amazing you are and how much faster you can become with the right stuff!
With all this said, let's get the running shoes on and get going!
PS..I am very sorry about the love in your life. Trust me when I say that something much, much better is waiting for you.

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olga said...

And it feels like you're talking to each of us struggling out there...