Saturday, March 18, 2006


 Good morning to you all!
Today is a cross training day for me. Spin bike for 45 min. good pace, rowing machine for 20 min. good pace and then versa climber for 20 min. good pace. 15 min. core work!
I have been asked several times over the past few weeks about my health and my ability to train, run and race.
My push the VO2 max and my body to the limit days are over. Last May and June I was having some very serious health problems that led me to professional cardiology Doctor's.
I do have some permanent damage that side lined me for several months. The end result is that I can still do everything that I love to do, I just can't do it at over 80-85% heart rate.
This means that I can now stop and smell the roses, look at the beauty around me and know that it is Doctor's orders that I don't push my body to the limits any longer.
To be honest, I am more than ok with this. Everything for me is different knowing that I can still be part of all the events I love to do, be out there with all of you but not even think about who is is front of me to chase down!
I am thankful, more than thankful each time I complete a workout. I gives thanks to God for my ability to still be able to what I love to do with all the people I love to do it with!
A very close friend of my husband Jay, a women who is in her 60's gave me some of the BEST advice I have ever gotten. She said, "Lisa, the buffet is full, you have to make some choices."
Have a great day!
Happy Feet!
Lisa Smith-Batchen

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