Thursday, February 09, 2006

ultra list

Hi gang!
This was posted to the Ultra List
I am writing this on behalf of my very good friend Lisa Smith-Batchen who  is
not a member of the ultra list at this time.

First of all she really wants to thank each and every one of you for  your
response and thoughts as expressed to her in personal emails and via  postings
on the list. She asked me to clarify an important point, that  the author and
Runners World did have her overall permission to write a  feature story about
Lisa. There are however fundemental disagreements  between Lisa and the author
as to which topics were off limits. Lisa  cannot get into the specific nature
of the disagreements as of this  writing.

Lisa wanted to say ...  "It is my most profound  hope that by exposing my
problems and putting my life out there, that I can  help others who are going
through the same sort of problems. I mean this  most sincerely, if I am able to
touch or help just one person than the  entire journey and subsequent article
was well worth it."


olga said...

I finally went to the library and read the article (I don't subscribe to this magazine). I was surprised at how personal it was. I am not sure what it was meant to be before, as it seems to be too overwhelming to have gone through as much as you did. You are right, if it touched some, and if it helped some realize they might be in danger, or if it turned some with "blues" to running more miles thus saving them from deeper it. I just wanted to wish you much strength in your life journey, hope to be half as strong in mine, and remain on your list of friends no matter what happens in life. You are an incredible person, and I am happy I came across you as a coach, because I found a friend.

Joyce said...

I just finsihed reading your article and found your blog :) I commend you for sharing such a personal story with the world... you are an inspiration to runners who struggle with the same issues... thank you for sharing your story :)